Technical Specialist

Food and Agriculture Organization

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The Technical Specialist on Food Control Systems will review the current status of work underway and support a multi-sectoral process to advance food control and food safety policy in the country, engaging with relevant stakeholders including all Competent Authorities (CAs), the existing inter-ministerial committees, the Codex Committee, Technical Working Groups, the private sector, development partners and consumer representatives to engage in a fully consultative and inclusive policy process.  

Tasks and responsibilities:

The Technical Food Control Systems Specialist will:

Conduct both desk and stakeholder review and consultations on the current status of work underway on food control and food safety policy in Cambodia as an update to the recent work carried out for the Qualitative Analysis of the Food Control System in Cambodia.

  • Identify key stakeholders from all competent authorities, the existing inter-ministerial committees, the Codex Committee, and Technical Working Groups, the private sector, development partners and consumer representatives for the consultation purpose;
  • Develop timelines and milestones for project activities and support participation of relevant stakeholders in the process;
  • Assist in preparing a draft food safety and quality policy; and
  • Conduct a consultation workshop to finalize the food safety and quality policy.

 Organization of World Food Safety Day

  • Support CARD in cooperation with all key stakeholders to organize the celebration of the World Food Safety in June 2023;
  • Support to prepare a concept note and list of participants nationally and in selected provinces, including consideration of the needs and interests of women and youth, and the vulnerable for the event; and
  • Coordinate and support to logistics and coordinate with CARD and key stakeholders to design, test and disseminate basic food safety messaging to serve their joint and specific needs for communications with key stakeholders (producers, processors, traders, schools, and consumers) for the event in particular and in the country as whole.

Perform other tasks as required in order to deliver the above tasks:

Candidates Will Be Assessed Against The Following:

Minimum Requirements:

  • Advanced university degree in, agro-industry, food safety, food technology, nutrition or other relevant fields
  • At least five years of relevant experience
  • Working knowledge of English and Khmer language 
  • National of Cambodia or a legal resident in the country

Technical/Functional Skills:

  • Systemic and analytical capacity on complex issues related to the food control system and agri-food system transformation; 
  • Knowledge and experience of value chain development of agricultural products; 
  • Experience with food safety and food control systems, and climate change linkages, food waste; food safety and quality; 
  • Experience in organizing participatory processes and contribution to processes related to programme development through engagement of a wide range of stakeholders from the government, civil society, academia, and the private sector;
  • Proven experience and capacity in coordinating and leading the discussions with senior government officials;
  • Good analytical, presentation and training skills;
  • Proficient in relevant computer applications such as word processing tools, spreadsheets and statistical package (MS Office-Word, Excel, STATA etc.); 
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently, handle multiple tasks, work under pressure and deliver assignments on time; and Leading, engaging, empowering and an excellent team player