Technical Specialist - Security Sector Governance (SSG)

UN Development Programme, Mogadishu, Somalia

Skill Required:, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)IT and ICT
Preferred Experience: 
3 to 10 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
26th March, 2020

Job Description

Background and Organizational Context

The Joint Security Sector Governance programme, in the UNDP Somalia Rule of Law portfolio, supports the security sector governance and reform which promotes and enhances democratic oversight and accountability in the security sector. The Federal Government of Somalia with the UN is responsible for implementation of the Comprehensive Approach to Security, the National Development Plan and the National Security Architecture. The JSSGP addresses both the federal and federal member states levels offering a sector wide engagement that emphases the importance of whole of government and people centric approach to security. The project works with ministries and key government institutions, with the legislature and civil society anchored in the wider governance, democratization, state-building and poverty reduction context in order to ensure sustainability and effectiveness.

The programme outputs include:

  • Somali federal security institutions have increased professional capacity to exercise oversight, deliver services and coordinate the federal approach to security in accordance with their mandate.
  • Somali FMS institutions have increased professional capacity to exercise oversight and deliver services in accordance with their mandates.
  • Key security sector stakeholders are provided with support that will expedite the National Security Architecture and institutions that are transparent, democratically accountable and in operate in adherence to Human Rights standards.

The key programme interventions include:

  • Facilitation of human resource support
  • Training and mentoring of personnel of the ministries working with security institutions
  • Somali national security institutions have increased professional capacity to exercise oversight, deliver security services and coordinate the Federal approach to security in accordance with their mandates.
  • Somali Federal Member States’ security institutions have increased professional capacity to exercise oversight and deliver security services in accordance with their mandates.
  • Key security sector stakeholders provided with support to implement the national security architecture with institutions that are transparent and democratically accountable with increased engagement of civil society.

The programme also ensures that there is a clear focus which is on a gender sensitive approach to security sector by linking with the Gender Based Violence working group for Somalia and connecting with the work being undertaken on Sexual Violence in Conflict in the context of SCR 1325.

The strategic approach underpinning the implementation of the project is rooted in the acknowledgement that security sector is both a technical and a political exercise. The Theory of Change proposes that by working with the Somali authorities both at federal and state level to make the security institutions more professionally, accountable inclusive, people-centered, comprehensive, context-specific and prevention-oriented the likelihood of conflict is significantly reduced bringing about more trust and acceptance of the state’s legitimacy to exercise monopoly of force, linking this development effectively with the political dialogue, rule of law and human rights.

The implementation of the programme was initiated in early 2019. In late 2019 the Programme Steering Committee emphasized on the importance of developing a sustainability plan for the programme. In this light a Technical Specialist shall be recruited to focus on developing the programmatic depth and explore the areas where the programme can make impact by developing the next generation of security sector programme interventions for Somalia.

The Technical Specialist shall report to the Rule of Law Portfolio Manager and work closely on a daily basis with the Integrated Security Sector Reforms team of UNDP and UNSOM and liaise closely with other rule of law joint programmes of the UN to ensure that the programme interventions are harmonized and coordinated.

Duties and Responsibilities

Ensure implementation of the Joint Security Sector Governance is on track

  •  Ensure day-to-day administration of the JSSGP with the UNSOM team and UNDP Rule of Law Portfolio Manager to ensure that the workplan for 2020 is implemented at the Federal level and Federal Member states.
  •  Work with the JSSGP National Coordinator to organise technical level meetings for the implementation of the programme to ensure programme delivery.
  •  Engage with the donors to undertake resource mobilization for the JSSGP.
  •  Design gender sensitive approach to security sector governance and connect with Sexual Violence in Conflict in the context of SCR 1325, while taking cognizance of the Somalia government and UN mandate.
  •  Design and implement the civil society participation in the JSSGP to ensure that oversight mechanisms and dialogue on oversight can be developed.
  •  Design and implement training programmes with I-SSR team for the stakeholders and beneficiary organisations.

JSSGP programme development

  •  The current programme of JSSGP comes to an end on December 2020. Adequate time needs to be spent to ensure that the JSSGP programme lessons and learnings are recorded so that these can be used to initiate a discussion on the next generation of JSSGP programme.
  •  Engage with all stakeholders and actors in the government, donors and other international community to develop medium term implementation of JSSG programme for Somalia.

Development of the Joint Police Programme

  •  Ensure regular technical inputs are provided for the development of work requests for the Joint Police Programme (JPP)
  •  Provide technical inputs for the development and implementation of UNDP’s police programme.
  •  Draw close coordination and linkages between the JPP and JSSGP.
  •  Engage closely with the Goal 16 Somalia work to ensure that the JSSGP outcome level targets are measured and reflected in progress reports.

Any other tasks that may be required to lead UNDP’s efforts in rule of law and security sector governance

  •  Ensure regular coordination and engagement is provided on Global Focal Points at technical level with all the other joint programmes
  •  Prepare presentation and updates for the JSSGP including plan and develop a regular bulletin to ensure progress
  •  Support UNDP’s Country Programme Document development in the security and rule of law sector with Portfolio Manager for Rule of Law.

 Recruitment Qualifications


  • Master’s Degree or equivalent in and Political Sciences, International Relations, Social Sciences or Strategic Studies.


  • A combination of professional training, certification and experience in SSR.
  • The Technical Specialist should have a minimum of seven years’ experience at national and international levels, including peacekeeping operations, in technical development and management support positions. This experience could include either military or law enforcement; and demonstrate an ability to co-ordinate a wide range of inputs and participants.
  • The Technical Specialist is expected to have sound knowledge of the principles of peacekeeping and Human Rights Due Diligence Policy.
  • Previous experience of UN rules and procedures is highly desirable;
  • Previous experience of working in conflict and post conflict settings is highly desirable.

Language Requirements:

  • Excellent command of the English language (both verbal and written)


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