Trust Fund Operations Sr. Associate or Specialist

Inter-American Development Bank

Washington DC, United States of America

The IDB Group is a community of diverse, versatile, and passionate people who come together on a journey to improve lives in Latin America and the Caribbean. Our people find purpose and do what they love in an inclusive, collaborative, agile, and rewarding environment. 

About this position

We are looking for a qualified, expert, and efficient Operations Sr. Associate or Specialist in the area of fund management. The position will report directly to the Chief of Grants and Co-financing Management Unit of Office of Outreach and Partnerships (ORP/GCM). 

The GCM team serves as an accountable interface that links partners’ resources to IDB projects, knowledge products, and programs that meet the needs of Latin America and the Caribbean through close coordination with the IDB Group’s operational units and the Resource Mobilization Division. The GCM key functional areas include handling partner resources, ensuring compliance with donor agreements and IDB policies, as well as reporting back to partners. 

ORP consists of the Resource Mobilization Division (REM) and the Grants and Co-financing Management Unit (GCM), which are both located in Washington, D.C., USA. It also consists of the Office in Asia (ASI) in Tokyo, Japan, and the Office in Europe (EUR) in Madrid, Spain. ORP’s structure guarantees a diversified partnership network, strategic resource mobilization, and the efficient and effective management of partner resources. 

What you’ll do:
Working under the moderate supervision of the Grants and Co-financing Management Unit Chief, you will do the following:

Management of the Grants and Reimbursable Resources:
  • Perform activities requiring applied knowledge of grant and reimbursable financing.
  • Be part of the Bank’s teams, representing GCM’s area of responsibility, in the origination and design of fiduciary arrangements with donors, including, but not limited to, Project Specific Grants (PSGs) agreements and operations. 
  • Ensure that resources are allocated, implemented, reported and closed on time, in accordance with what is stipulated in Bank policies and procedures, as well as the donor agreement as optimally and efficiently as possible.
  • Build, maintain and handle day-to-day relationships with donors, co-financiers, and project teams with regards to the administration of contributions and processing of grant financing and reimbursable operations. 
  • Conduct sophisticated technical and data-based analyses and research on technical cooperation operations, investment grants and loans. 
  • Promote and monitor the effective deployment and management of new and existing funds by using and updating IDB dashboards, tools and methodologies.
  • Provide input into the identification, development and implementation of funds, projects, programs, studies or activities through the ORP/GCM Single Window mechanism (reviewing abstracts and analyzing funding probabilities according to the resources handled).
  • Prepare reports and briefings for management and donors regarding the corresponding funds, extracting data from the available dashboards and/or with data provided by the GCM Data Analytics Team.
Provide input into the Execution of the Operations:
  • Monitor progress of the execution of projects and grants, analyzing portfolio, and work across organizational boundaries by collaborating with clients and partners to address issues.
  • Provide technical guidance to teams on the execution, reporting and problem-solving of donor funded or co-funded operations; monitoring of alerts, extension needs, assessment of available resources, among other aspects that arise during execution that require support from the fiduciary and financial management side. 
  • Interpret and formulate policies and guidelines on grant financing and reimbursable donor resources as part of the GCM teams and/or Bank’s team. 
  • Promote fiduciary best practices and procedures through the application of IDB policies and guidelines of the operations financed by the funds.
Digitalization, knowledge, innovation and communication:
  • Work with the GCM Info Group on activities related to the development or enhancement of systems for the effective use or reporting of grant-financed projects, with a particular focus on issues that arise during the execution and closing phase of operations financed with third-party resources.
  • Prepare and deliver content for outreach and products aiming for internal/extrenal clients to increase an awareness and visibility of the IDB’s work in the area of resource management.  
  • Guide, coach, and mentor junior staff to develop technical expertise.
  • Guide management with strategy preparation based on data analytics.
  • Provide input to management with process improvements in order to enhance our partners experience and increase our efficiency.
What you’ll need:
  • Master’s degree (or equivalent advanced degree) in Business, Economics, Finance, Public Administration or other fields relevant to the responsibilities of the role.  
  • Minimum of 4 years of progressive experience in fund management.
  • Quantitative skills: Ability and experience to work with quantitative data at the micro level (operations) and with data management packages. 
Qualitative skills:
  • Must be proactive, reliable and responsible, with ability to communicate and interact effectively. Knowledge and experience decision-making process is required.
  • Proficient in English; Spanish desirable.
Key skills:
  • Learn continuously
  • Collaborate and share knowledge
  • Focus on clients  
  • Communicate and influence
  • Innovate and identify new solutions to evolving challenges