Vice President, Public Business Development

Food for the Hungry, Washington DC, United States

Skill Required:, Business Development/ Resource MobilizationStrategic Alliances
Preferred Experience: 
1 to 3 Years
Email for CV Submission: 
Closing Date for Applications: 
13th June, 2021

Job Description

Public support represents close to half of FH resources. Food for the Hungry is prioritizing investing in public business development as part of its strategic plan, with initial focus on the U.S. Government. The organization has hired a VP of Program Delivery, who will collaborate closely with this new VP to ensure outstanding on-the-ground implementation. Current institutional support is $72.9 million, including $11 million in government commodities, largely attributable to two major USG grants from the Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance.

Food for the Hungry is making a deep commitment to growing and diversifying institutional grants and contracts in order to impact exponentially more families and communities. The VP and Public Business Development team will play a mission-critical role in making a difference for millions of children, families and communities.

The Vice President of Public Business Development will be a strategic, inspiring leader able to take FH institutional presence and funding to the next level.

The VP will be experienced and networked in the world of global institutional funding, with knowledge of FH, the evolving international NGO world and the key funders. The VP will have a track record of increasing and diversifying international institutional resources, particularly with the U.S. Government.

The VP is charged with developing and leading FH institutional growth strategies across the organization. Together with the VP of Program Delivery and the Executive Team, the VP will put in place the structures, processes, teams and accountabilities essential to winning and implementing grants and contracts. The VP reports to the Chief Public Development and Strategic Resources Officer, leads the 7-member Public Business Development Team, and is part of FH leadership.

The Vice President of Public Business Development will:


  • Architect and lead FH institutional strategy and growth. The VP will be a compelling leader and catalyst, within FH and as a frontline external representative. Internally, the VP will lead public funding vision and planning, creating essential structures and processes and fostering cross-FH teamwork. Through clear strategies and communications, collaboration and shared success, the VP will mobilize FH to reimagine public business development, and to transform in ways that generate exciting results. Externally, the VP will be or become a thought leader, influencer and relationship builder across the community of global institutional funders.
  • Grow and diversify institutional resources. The VP will have a track record of growing international grants and contracts, with results that include 7- and 8- figure partnerships. The VP will build a multi-year strategic approach and pipeline grounded in FH quality, values and implementation. The VP will make FH a partner of choice for a growing set of U.S. Government, bi-lateral and multi-lateral funders, leveraging current and new FH strengths. FH will become a leader among international NGO’s based on trusted relationships, efficient and consistent processes and program delivery, impact data and donor-focused reporting.
  • Build FH profile, relationships and influence. The VP will be networked, visible and respected in international funding circles. As the frontline face of institutional funding for FH, the VP will be an influential communicator, thought leader and collaborator. The VP will have, and build upon, relevant networks, and will be expert at spotting and leveraging trends and opportunities.
  • Manage people, the business and change. The VP will be an inspiring manager and team builder, and will lead a team that embraces innovation and change, works well across the organization, and seizes and creates new opportunities. The VP will live the shared Heartbeat values and lead with vision, trust, transparency and collaboration. The VP and team will elevate cross-FH understanding of the benefits and requirements of institutional partnerships, and will inspire alignment, synergies and winning collaborations that advance FH’s mission.
  • Be a force for transformation and the future. The VP will join FH at a time of promise and evolution, and will be a catalyst for positive cultural and organizational change. The VP will be savvy about the future of international NGO contributions and roles, and will put FH at the forefront of a rapidly-changing funding environment in which there are significant risks and opportunities. The VP will lead innovation and transformation, positioning FH to thrive in a changing world. The VP will play a significant role in the future of FH, and in its ability to help enhance the lives of the people and communities the organization serves.

Personal assets being sought include:

  • Spiritual wellbeing: Demonstrated personal Christian commitment to serving those who are challenged by poverty and marginalization, in full alignment with Food for the Hungry’s Christian foundation and beliefs as expressed in our Heartbeat.
  • Strategic Leadership: Demonstrated experience working in leadership positions.
  • Relational skills: Able to relate to, understand, appreciate and effectively communicate with people from different cultures, diverse backgrounds and perspectives and make them feel welcome, included and valued. Demonstrated appreciation for and familiarity with a relational style of work and management. Able to relate to donors with confidence. Able to build a cohesive and dynamic team.
  • Communication: Effective oral and written communication and presentation skills.
  • Integrity: Ability to lead with integrity, candor, honesty and sensitivity. A compelling, energizing and influential personality that engenders trust.
  • Wellbeing: Experience developing and supporting individual and departmental wellbeing and positive employee engagement.
  • Managing change: Substantial proven ability in successfully managing and leading organizational development and change, including culture change. Adaptive leadership skills, personal resilience and flexibility.
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion: Substantial experience with leading, promoting and working in a diverse, inclusive, cross-cultural environment.
  • Organizational skills: Excellent organizational skills; ability to plan and coordinate the efficient flow of projects and processes. Ability to develop effective strategies, structures and processes, and to engage others in creating effective approaches.
  • Analytical and critical thinking skills: Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions.


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