Wages Specialist

International labour organisation(ILO), Moscow, Russia

Skill Required:, HR and AdminMedia and Communication
Preferred Experience: 
3 to 10 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
17th January, 2016

Job Description

Specific duties

  • Provide technical assistance to governments, workers and employers organizations and others bodies concerned, on the concepts, design and implementation of sound minimum wage policies, wage determination practices at enterprise and industry level, pay determination systems for public sector workers, policies and measures to promote equal pay for work of equal value and wage bargaining, as part of coherent overall wage policies.
  • Coordinate with other ILO specialists, particularly with the employment, industrial relations, gender, international labour standards, workers' activities, and employers' activities specialists in the DWT Moscow, to ensure that the institutional, employment and gender dimensions of wage policy-setting are integrated.
  • Provide technical assistance, in close consultation with STATISTICS, INWORK, DWT Team in Moscow, and other ILO technical experts, to ministries of labour and national statistical bureaus in the design and application of surveys aimed at collecting relevant, reliable and accurate data on wages and productivity for better-informed decision-making processes.
  • Manage research and ensure information sharing on comparative analysis of country experiences, including policy briefs and fact sheets, covering such topics as minimum wage setting, public sector pay, wage determination and equal pay for work of equal value, with a view to assisting constituents in identifying good country practices and developing coherent strategies for developing, implementing and evaluating wage policies.
  • Play a lead role in promoting the inclusion of working conditions and gender equality concerns within Decent Work Country Programmes (DWCPs). Follow up and implement working conditions and gender equality concerns in the DWCPs and outcome-based workplans.
  • Promote international labour standards related to wages, including those related to wage determination through collective bargaining, and support the incorporation of wage policies and wage issues into national development frameworks, employment policies, DWCPs, UNDAFs and related initiatives
  • Develop and seek funding for technical cooperation projects in particular in the area of wages and pay equity, in close consultation with ILO constituents, and concerned programmes in the field and at headquarters, including INWORK.
  • Represent the ILO on wages and working conditions in high-level forums, conferences and taskforces at national, subregional and regional levels that may also involve other international organizations including international financial institutions.
  • Contribute through written technical inputs to the preparation of the ILO's flagship Global Wage Report and its launch and dissemination in the subregion, ensuring that subregional trends and policy developments and implications are duly reflected in the report and other by-products.
  • In consultation with INWORK and other DWT specialists, design, and, where appropriate, in cooperation with ITC-Turin, organize and deliver training courses or modules on wages and wage policies targeting concerned audiences.
  • Perform other job-related tasks as assigned by the Director of DWT/CO-Moscow.

These specific duties are aligned with the relevant ILO generic job description, which includes the following generic duties:

  • Design and promote a wide range of special subject-matter-related programmes. This involves: re-analysis of complex or conflicting data, statistics and information or policy guidelines, in a manner requiring the advanced application of principles of a recognised technical specialisation.
  • Develop and review an institutional framework, in which social partners can best improve, implement and evaluate efficient and equitable ILO action programmes.
  • Provide policy advice to ILO's constituents on institutional strengthening, the application of ILO standards and the promotion of technical cooperation activities.
  • Formulate and submit project proposals and seek funding.
  • Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the project activities.
  • Undertake technical advisory missions independently or in collaboration with Decent Work Technical Support Teams.
  • Conduct seminars, workshops and technical meetings and training courses.
  • Prepare draft recommendations and guidelines for discussion and adoption as ILO Recommendations or Conventions on related technical fields.
  • Write manuals and/or training guides on related topics.
  • Disseminate information on programmes through publications and, press releases, as well as ensuring representation at donors' meetings, international, regional and national fora and advocacy campaigns.
  • Monitor and coordinate research carried out by junior technical officers and external collaborators.
  • Provide technical inputs to office documents (sectoral meetings, technical committees, regional meetings and conference reports).
  • Participate in tripartite reviews on technical cooperation activities and international meetings and conferences.


  • Advanced university degree in labour economics or other discipline related to wage or labour market studies.


  • At least eight years' experience at the national level or five years at the international level in wages policies.
  • Experience in working closely with governments and/or employers' and workers' organizations on wages issues and other related policy areas.
  • Experience in both qualitative and quantitative research and analysis would be an advantage.
  • Relevant professional experience in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia would be an advantage.


  • Excellent command of English. Knowledge of Russian would be an advantage.

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