Website Design & Development Consultant

International Organization for Migration, Nairobi, Kenya

Skill Required:, IT and ICT
Preferred Experience: 
3 to 10 Years
Email for CV Submission: 
Closing Date for Applications: 
19th July, 2018

Job Description


The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is committed to the principle that humane and orderly migration benefits migrants and society. As the leading international organization for migration, IOM acts with its partners in the international community to: assist in meeting the growing operational challenges of migration management; advance understanding of migration issues; encourage social and economic development through migration, and; uphold the human dignity and well-being of migrants.

IOM Kenya in partnership with the Government Stakeholders and Private Employment Agencies, is implementing a project "promoting safe and fair labour migration from Kenya to the Gulf" that seeks to promote safe and fair labour migration from East Africa to the Gulf region by strengthening the pathway for ethical recruitment between the two regions, and building capacity of migrants, employers, recruiters, civil society, and government to pursue and support safe and fair labour migration. Its specific mandate is to ensure that prospective migrant workers gain awareness and information about safe and fair migration, becoming more sophisticated consumers of recruitment services. The website will contain guidance information for prospective migrants that will eventually to be hosted by government of Kenya.


Under the direct supervision of the Programme Manager Immigration and Border Management (IBM), and in close collaboration with Association of Skilled Migrants of Kenya (ASMAK), National Employment Authority (NEA) & Youth Enterprise Development Fund (YEDF), the incumbent will be responsible for designing a dynamic website for departing labour migrants.

In particular he/she will;

 Link the Website to the Official National Employment Authority (NEA) Website.

 Create a Graphic design template for booklets, brochures, photo and video gallery.

 Create an online platform for forum discussions for potential migrant workers to directly communicate online.

 Develop an online discussion platform forum.

Tangible and measurable output of the work assignment.

Meet with IOM and partners mentioned above collectively and individually to identify expectations and features of the website.

Meet with key stakeholders, virtually or in person, to gather input on their views on useful content and features for the labour migrant’s website. Key stakeholders include Association of Skilled Migrants of Kenya (ASMAK), National Employment Authority (NEA) & Youth Enterprise Development Fund (YEDF) representatives of Kenyan Embassies abroad in the GCC countries (e.g., Qatar, Saudi and UAE).

Conceptualize and propose at least two dynamic website designs for consideration by National

Coordination Mechanism on Migration Secretariat.

Based on in feedback and input from stakeholders mentioned on preliminary designs, finalize the website structure taking into account the following minimum requirements:

a. Clear catalogs and folders for data and page storage.

b. Attractive site and page layout.

c. Easy for end users to use, with flexible navigation and search functions

d. Easy for IOM staff to update, maintain, backup, and restore

e. Hit counter to count visits to the site and web pages visited

f. Email functions

g. Host virtual meetings

h. Official launch of the website

Provide written guidelines to NEA staff on:

a. How to maintain the website (roles, access, passwords, etc.)

b. How to upload new content

c. Recommended frequency of maintenance and updates

d. How to maintain anti-hacker and anti-virus provisions

e. Backup and restore functions

f. Recommendations for software, hardware, and other back-end applications related to web development.

Design and establish anti-hacker and anti-virus plan for the website.

Make recommendations for website hosting service and support the go live.

Guarantee work and provide maintenance services for not less than two months.

Conduct training for NEA staff who will assume responsibility for website maintenance to ensure they have the skills necessary to update and maintain the website.

Coordinate with IOM and stakeholders to gather contents for the initial website, and include information on website (e.g., informational text, documents, pictures, HTML documents, graphics, etc.)


Provide basic structure of the website in English Language

Home page

Static pages

Dynamic Pages

 Promotion of legal channels of recruitment employment abroad.

 Publication channel: 1 and updates per year.

 Embassies abroad in GCC countries.

 Diaspora Associations.

 Emerging trends in job market in Kenya. Functions:

 Subscribe email

 In site search

 Weibo repost

 Analytics

 Photo and Video gallery (optional)

 Automatic homepage recover (optional)


Deliverable 1, (20%) due by end of 2nd week

 Two website design options

 Meetings with stakeholders on the website

Deliverable 2, (30%) due by end of 6th week

 Report on consultations

 Ready to launch website structure and content.

 Written guidelines

Deliverable 3, (50%) due by end of 8th week

 Training conducted

 Host virtual meetings

 Official launch of the website


Education and Experience

 Completed Bachelor's degree or equivalent in Information Technology and Communication (ITC), Communication, Marketing or other related discipline.

 Candidates should demonstrate their qualifications and proven experience in the graphic design and technical implementation of user interfaces in a web-based environment.

 Candidates should provide a portfolio containing examples of their achievements


Takes responsibility and manages constructive criticism; b) works effectively with all clients and stakeholders; c) promotes continuous learning; communicates clearly; d) takes initiative and drives high levels of performance management; e) plans work, anticipates risks, and sets goals within area of responsibility; f) displays mastery of subject matter; g) contributes to a collegial team environment; h) creates a respectful office environment free of harassment and retaliation, and promotes the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA); i) incorporates gender-related needs, perspectives, and concerns, and promotes equal gender participation; j) displays awareness of relevant technological solutions; k) works with internal and external stakeholders to meet resource needs of IOM.


Solid understanding of user interface design principles and conceptual design.

Passion for staying up-to-date on the latest web technologies and trends.

Advanced level of proficiency using industry-standards for web development.

Solid experience in using web technologies HTML5, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery and consuming and creating web services.

Expert knowledge of .NET, SQL, and C# and server-side UI design patterns.

Expert knowledge of Angular JS and similar front-end JavaScript frameworks.


Fluency in both written and spoken English and Kiswahili is highly desirable.

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