Website Developer

United Nations Development Programme

Istanbul, Turkey

The Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Empowerment for Poverty Reduction Program is an innovative initiative that contributes in a comprehensive manner to lift people out of poverty. The Program is derived from the existing IsDB NGO Program, analysis of IsDB Engagement with Civil Society and Strategy of Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development (ISFD). It is aligned with the inclusive social development pillar of the Bank’s 10-Year Strategy and the President 5-Year Program (P5P), which calls for more participation of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) as a network of developers. The Program will support Member Countries (MCs) to attain the targets of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is also grounded in the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development, UNDP Digital Strategy, UNDP’s Strategic Plan 2018–2021, and UNDP’s ongoing work to address the challenges in the Europe and Central Asia (ECA) region and in other regions as well, based on the work of UNDP Alternative Finance Lab which is a part of UNDP Innovation Team.

A key part of the project is the design, development and implementation of the Tadamon platform – an aggregating platform for crowdfunding campaigns for CSOs, and creation of Tadamon Digital Crowdfunding Academy, online training for NGOs/CSOs and UNDP Country Offices.

By linking numerous crowdfunding campaigns from CSOs supported through the Program and through partnering organizations and crowdfunding platforms, TADAMON will ease the CSOs access to finance for their development and humanitarian activities

The platform provides the look-and-feel of the web and supports aggregating functionalities while displaying the content in organized, attractive and user-friendly manner. An aggregator website is used as a site that collects data and crowdfunding campaigns from other sources across the internet (e.g. crowdfunding platforms) and puts the information in one place where users can access it. It is used as a tool for communication and collaboration between the stakeholders for the sharing of expertise, knowledge and resources.

In this context, we are looking for “Website Developer Analyst” who will, under the guidance of the Project Coordinator, support the “NGO Empowerment” project through communication and close cooperation with  Website and Graphic Design Expert .
Duties and Responsibilities:

For the existing website and digital platform “” what is expected from Website Developer is the website maintenance and service; more specifically this includes:

  • Applying security patches
  • Clearing out log files
  • Managing disk space
  • Regular server updates
  • Regulating dependency updates and fixes
  • Sorting out security certificates and fixing bugs & mistakes identified by the team
  • Restarting the servers after incidents
  • Opening and closing applications for Tadamon sub-programs
  • Server migrations & backup management
  • New functions development as per request by the team, such as auto-updated dashboard with main data
  • Improvements to backend/data management
  • Data export options to different data types
  • Layout/Menu changes for new pages
  • Registration for events done through the platform
  • Badges (internal, not API)
  • Crowdfunding Academy page redesign as requested by the team
  • Managing and redesigning the data base of activities
  • Linking platforms with projects
  • Global Search function
  • Adding another filter (by field of activities)
  • Profile completion indicator for admin & link to page explaining how to complete your profile
  • Addition of Opportunities page for Civil Society with links to open opportunities, and possibility to upload own materials into the library
  • Other functions as per team request (that fit into the agreed time estimate)
  • Implementation of redesign & changes as requested by the IsDB (Donor) or the Project team (that fit into the agreed time estimate)    

Required Skills and Experience:

Min. Education requirements:

  • Master’s degree in the field of software development or related field.
  • In lieu of Master’s degree, Bachelor’s degree in the same field with 2 years of experience will be accepted.
  • Min. years of relevant work experience
  • At least 2 years of full stack developer professional experience with latest frameworks and technologies is required with Bachelor’s degree.

Required  skills:

  • Knowledge of standard software packages, including MS Office, MS Access, MS Visio, Adobe Acrobat is required.
  • Desired skills in addition to the competencies covered in the Competencies section
  • Knowledge and experience in Development & Versioning software like Gitlab
  • Advanced knowledge in Database operations
  • Knowledge and experience in VPS server set-up, management, migration & operations
  • 2 years experience in software development or programming & frontend design, including but not limited to Elixir, Phoenix, Vuejs & Nuxtjs is required with Bachelor’s degree, in lieu of Master’s degree. 
  • Required Language(s)
  • Excellent English language skills, both written and verbal are a requirement.