WVV HEA and DRR Specialist

World Vision, Vietnam

Skill Required:, Project/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
3 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
31st December, 2020

Job Description


Nearly half the Vietnamese population now has access to the internet. In Da Nang City there are approximately 233,800 children under 16 years old (accounting 19.3% city population). There are 140,000 from 220,000 households are registered to the internet service providers. In a survey by WVI in 2017, almost 60 percent of children in primary school and 90 percent in high school have a Facebook account. Moreover, there are nearly 900 internet or online game shops attracting thousands of children every day.

Children use the internet from an early age but do not have enough knowledge and skills to protect themselves from the risk of being sexually abused via chat rooms, live streams, web cameras and smartphones. The issue is aggravated by a lack of cooperation between relevant departments, ineffective reporting mechanisms and child sexual abuse is still considered a taboo in community as well as the knowledge on online safety is still lacking.

Based on the above, in 2018 World Vision International in Vietnam commenced the “Tackling Online Child Sexual Exploitation Project” with the aim of “protecting children and adolescents from online sexual abuse/exploitation”. The project is funded by the Fund to End Violence against Children.

The HEA and DRR Specialist directly reports to HEA and DRR Manager within the Programme Quality and Resource Development Department (PQRD). The PQRD department consists of a Program Effectiveness Unit, Grant Acquisition and Management (GAM) Unit, A Technical Services Unit (in lie with the three Ministry Strategic Objectives) and HEA/DRR Unit.


To support WV Vietnam in preparing for and responding to natural disasters, and to all complex humanitarian emergencies in Vietnam and networking with other organizations involved in DRR and emergencies.

To assist HEA and DRR Manager in providing immediate relief and support to communities throughout Vietnam in response to both natural and man-made disasters, and assisting communities to mitigate against such disasters.


Emergency Responses

  • Monitor the potential disaster situations through regular communication with the Government and Local Counterparts;
  • Conduct Relief/Joint Assessments following disaster situations, and report the findings in a timely manner;
  • Determine an appropriate response to a disaster by working with WVV management

Technical Guidance

  • Provide technical guidance on annual planning so that DRR "best practices, lessons learned etc." is integrated into technically sound business plans and services are coordinated.
  • Standardize Technical Guidelines/Training Materials for the implementation of the DRR Project models.
  • Standardize DME tools for baseline, monitoring and evaluation of DRR activities in working with Program Effectiveness team.
  • Promote and support the integration of CBDRR in all ADPs/APs
  • Support building capacity embedded to other related departments/units/staff under the light of WVI’s DM Standards, Emergency Management System (EMS) and other related humanitarian standards

Technical Quality Assurance

  • Participate in annual M&E activities as scheduled by PEU.
  • Conduct monitoring support visits to APs implementing DRR projects/activities and provide in the field technical consultation as requested, to ensure quality of activities implemented.
  • Promote action learning across World Vision Vietnam through regular meetings and training of others to take leadership of structured reflection in the zones, ADPs and grant funded projects
  • Identify and document best practices and good DRR models for purpose of advocacy and replication

Cross Cutting Themes

  • Standardize Gender/Disability/Faith and Development mainstreaming framework/tools/methods/training materials which align with partnership imperatives, best practice approaches, and NO strategic priorities.
  • Conduct technical capacity building activities for AP staff, including indoor training, on the job training, coaching and ongoing technical support to ensure that guidelines/tools on Disability/Gender/Faith and Development mainstreaming are clearly understood, followed and best practices are replicated by AP staff.
  • Develop tools/mechanism to ensure that standard indicators (goal, outcomes, and outputs) are disaggregated by Gender and Disability/Faith and Development.

Resource Acquisition

  • Support HEA and DRR Manager in developing Grant/PNS Concept Notes and Proposals for HEA/DRR.
  • Provide technical support for design, implementation and evaluation of DRR Grant or PNS projects.


  • Bachelor degree in the relevant field
  • Relevant Master degree is an advance

Knowledge & Skills:

  • Strong relevant technical expertise
  • Good knowledge of Humanitarian Industry (Principles, Standards [International Humanitarian Law, Sphere, Core Humanitarian Standard…], Architecture…)
  • High level of diplomacy, communication, negotiation and persuasion and advocacy skills.
  • Proven ability to provide coaching and deliver other capacity building activities.
  • Ability to provide supportive supervision to assure the interventions’ quality.
  • Ability to document and share best practice for replication.
  • Good data analysis and reporting skills.
  • Good proposal writing skills.
  • Strong ability to speak, write and read in both English and Vietnamese.
  • Reasonable understanding about GoV’s DRM systems is an additional asset


  • Three years’ relevant experience in DRR technical area. Experience in programme quality support and staff training/coaching is preferred.
  • Experience in working with INGOs
  • Experience in advocacy.
  • Experience in Resource acquisition

Work environment:

  • Minimum supervision;
  • Relate with people across a wide social range (i.e. project participants, Government partners and WV staff).


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