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Whatsapp for developing communication

WhatsApp has come along as one of the simplest ways of communicating effectively. It has a large user base which makes it ideal to use for promoting a social cause.

The Power of WhatsApp

Here are some quick stats to establish this platform as a great way to use for promoting social causes.

  • It has a daily reach of around 1 billion users around the world.
  • The monthly active users of this application exceed 1.3 billion.
  • People using WhatsApp send around 55 billion messages each day.
  • The users on it share around 4.5 billion photos each day.
  • WhatsApp is a genuinely multilingual platform supporting around 60 languages.
  • Besides images, estimates suggest the users share around 1 billion videos each day.

Here are some ways to use WhatsApp to promote your cause.

Use Different Available Tools for Awareness
There are different tools to customize the experience of using WhatsApp. Many social media enterprises provide tools for customizing your messages on this platform. These low-cost WhatsApp tools can help you reach millions of users online. You can even send WhatsApp newsletters using these tools. Thus, it provides you with a great way to stay in touch with your followers.

Provide Targeted Information
It also provides you with many powerful ways to share useful information. You can give specific campaign information on new fundraising initiatives. WhatsApp empowers you to deliver your message in a more impactful and expressive manner. The ability to add emoji, videos and pictures can help you add greater expression to your message.

For PR Related Activities
Journalists around the world actively use WhatsApp to send and receive stories. Therefore, it provides you with an excellent way to share your message with the journalists. You can quickly inform them about the in-progress initiatives. The use of press channel allows journalists to get in touch with you directly. Thus, you can quickly and efficiently communicate with journalists.

Invites for Events and Other Roles
When you are actively promoting a campaign, you have to make sure that everyone is involved. Thus, communicating with so many potential stakeholders can become an overwhelming task. So, the use of WhatsApp helps you better manage your commitments. You can add dates and integrate them into the calendar so that everyone is timely updated on the happenings.

Share Live Updates
Sometimes, you want to share the live updates of an ongoing event. Since not everyone can be present at an event, you can use WhatsApp to send live updates to your audiences. It is an excellent way of engaging your audiences and letting them know about the real impact you are trying to make. The sharing of live updates also helps increase transparency and showcases the efforts going into making it a success.

For Internal Communication
Internal coordination is also critical in successfully delivering non-profit initiatives. Therefore, you can use this tool to communicate with the people directly responsible for the campaign. You can quickly and seamlessly share information with them. You can further segregate the group into departments or subjects. It is a quick way of keeping track of everything happening around and organize the entire effort. Thus, you can see how each action performed converts as a result. It also makes it easy for you to prepare campaign reports by looking at the messages.

Use WhatsApp to Thank Donors
If you can accomplish significant progress in a project, you may wish to thank the donors. Thus, by acknowledging the donors, you can let them know the role that they have played in your success. Therefore, you can use it to keep the donors engaged and encourage them to continue supporting your work.

Use WhatsApp for Development Campaigns and Advocacy
Many non-profits use WhatsApp for promoting development campaigns and specifically advocacy. Earlier, SMS was considered the best way to reach out to the potential audiences for non-profit initiatives.

However, thanks to the low-cost availability of smartphones, WhatsApp can be used for the same purpose in a more efficient manner. It helps significantly increase the outreach for advocacy.

For example, some African NGOs are using WhatsApp to collect data on the availability of water in their operating areas. Thus, they can hold their city councils accountable for the right usage of water. The built-in advantage of ease of collecting data and low cost makes it cheaper than SMS. Similarly, there is no restriction on the length of the message. Traditional SMS can only reach 160 characters.

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John Elijah

John Elijah strongly advocates the use of social media for non-profits. He is particularly keen in writing on topics relating to poverty alleviation, rights of transgender community, and free education for children.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is WhatsApp used for communication?
WhatsApp is a free, multiplatform messaging app that lets you make video and voice calls, send text messages .

If whatsapp is important for communication ?
Whatsapp is a mobile application that can be used at any time and from any location. This implies that workers can converse with one another even when they are not at their desks or in the office. Ins

how to develop whatsapp communication ?
four things to develop whatsapp communication are : Set up a WhatsApp Business Platform account ,Integrate WhatsApp with other communication platforms ,Identify marketing campaign goals and audience,

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