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Top-Tier Payroll Solutions in Saudi Arabia: Elevating Financial Administration

Editor 29-Dec-2023

In Saudi Arabia, efficient financial administration is paramount for organisations of all sizes. One crucial aspect of this administration is payroll management, which involves calculating and distributing employee salaries, taxes, and benefits. Companies are increasingly turning to top-tier payroll solutions to streamline this process and elevate financial management.

Empowering communities by Solar Energy innovation

Akhil Choudhary 06-Nov-2014

Electricity has always been on the driving seat of growth and development across globe. However today when we are busy in flooring issues like efficiency in Electricity usage, there is a significant mass of almost 2.5 billion people globally, who do not have reliable access to energy sources. Life still starts and ends with the dawn and dusk cycle in their life. Enterprises like Mobisol are working to mainstream this mass with market driven strategy and innovation.

Combating Commercial Sexual Exploitation by providing economic alternative

Akhil Choudhary 06-Nov-2014

Victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE) have always remained victim without voices as their very basic rights get infringed upon every day in their line of work. Retrospective reflection of existing channels to support and empower teenage girls, young women with alternative sources of livelihood, to eventually quit sex work is falling short. However Swift Wash, an initiative by ARZ has demonstrated that the problem of CSE has existed in our society not because there is no solution to the complex problem, but due to lack of proper understanding, attention, approach and partnership.

Access to safe water through social innovation

Akhil Choudhary 06-Nov-2014

Progressing with the quotation “Blue is the new green”, there is no doubt that we are approaching toward a water stressed future. Public utilities which should be ideally responsible for provision of this basic need are finding themselves short in their reach and capacity even in metropolitans; forget about semi urban and rural geographies. Yes, everybody is aware; problem is persisting from decades, but how to address remains to be challenged?

CSR in Development

Luisa Brenton 20-Sep-2017

CSR or corporate social responsibility is all the rage right now. That’s because for many people, it feels like government is dropping the ball on this one. They are moving too slow and doing too little about the things that people care about.And so, it is up to companies to take up the slack and become the responsible citizens that we would like them to be. As a result, shoppers aren’t just buying product anymore but also expecting the companies they buy such products from to behave in a responsible manner. And that’s where people working in the branch of Corporate Social Responsibility come in.

HIV and AIDS – The Past, Present, and Future.

Adela 23-Sep-2017

Human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) are believed to be originated in the West-Central Africa, and the oldest evidence of human transfer has been found in and around the late nineteenth and the early twentieth century.

What to do if you missed a phone call from your prospective employer?

Amber Wilson 08-Feb-2018

Most people feel worried, tensed and restless when they miss calls from a prospective employer. And to make matter worst, they blame themselves for as long as they can remember the incident. It is common to feel this way. But, instead of beating yourself up, there are ways you handle the situation. In fact, things might even work in your favour if you take the right step. Here is what you should do when you missed a call from your prospective employer.

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