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Working in the field of human rights is an astonishingly rewarding career. To be the advocate of another’s person’s basic human rights, especially when they can’t voice their own, is incredibly noble and leads to a life of fulfillment and reward. You’ve decided that you are ready to make the world a fair place, but how do you go about finding a career in human rights given there are many options? The key ingredient any potential employer wants to see is experience and motivation. Show them that you have this by the stockpile and you’re ready to kick-start your career!

Understand Human Rights
Knowing that you want a career in human rights is great and narrowing down your field of interest is going to give you a greater chance of securing a job in an area you’ll enjoy. “Researching the different fields and roles within human rights is the first necessary step to help focus your attention and land your dream job” – says Rebecca Green, recruiter at Human rights/a>.

Once you know the details of each specially such as, available career paths, what each area of human rights represents and the demographic of which you’d be working with, you’ll have a well-defined idea of the areas you wish to work within.

What Role Are You Interested In?
Now that you’ve considered the areas of human rights that you’d be happy to pursue a career in, it’s time to think about the actual role you would like and this is dependent on the type of lifestyle that you want.

Are you prepared to dedicate four to five years in further education? Are you willing to move away from home, possibly to another country? Do you mind if the hours you work are defined or are you happy to be called upon whenever needed?

Taking the time to answer these questions will help you decide what you’re and you’re not prepared to do!

When a potential employer looks at a résumé, one of the first things they pay attention to is the experience level of the candidate. If you’re serious about working within Human Rights, volunteering will not only give you the much-needed CV experience, but will give you real life experience and give you a taste of the future.

Amber Coburn, an HR manager at Assignment help company comment the issue: “Volunteering could mean working locally for free or even abroad. You’ll get to meet people already working within human rights meaning you’ll be able to learn from them.”

Much like volunteering, becoming an intern gives you vital experience within the areas that you’re interested in, but unlike volunteering, you might strike it lucky and get paid for your efforts. Being an intern doesn’t always mean you’ll get paid and therefore, you could consider securing a part time job whilst working as an intern.

What you’ll gain is insider knowledge and experience which will be an invaluable resource whilst securing your first job within Human Rights. You never know, you might even be offered a job at the end.

No, not campaigning for a job, well not as such – but campaigning for something you believe in and raising your profile at the same time. Campaign well, and you’ll be of interest to potential employers. “Successful campaigning means creating a voice and message that is heard, from attracting media interest, through to lobbying politicians and public figures, you’ll be doing it all”, says Thomas Wolf, a Head of Recruitment department at Ukwritings.

Anyone who can handle that successfully will be of great interest and you could see potential job offers land on your desk.

To give yourself the best chance of working within human rights as a career and doing something meaningful, get out into the world and find a way of gaining some experience. All the research you’re doing is great, but nothing will the first-hand experience of standing up for something you believe in. You’ll gain the experience essential for landing the perfect career and you’ll start making a difference straight away.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is your dream to make an impact on society and you are not afraid of challenges?
The work in this field is highly demanding and extremely rewarding at the same time. It also gives a lot of opportunities and offers amazing positions both in local institutions and all over the world

A few companies and choose the opportunity that will bring you better references and experience.?
It is a great idea for a start as small human rights NGOs always need resources and are likely to accept the help of volunteers anytime. Try approaching them and offer your assistance with events plan

Studying, volunteering or interning in another country may bring some insights and valuable experience.?
Getting out of a comfort zone helps to concentrate on a field and immerse into it. Check the offers of Global Vision International and International Volunteer HQ that give opportunities to volunteer

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