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Why Funding For Developing Countries is done?

The major questions that come frequently to mind are:

  • What is the need for funding?
  • Is funding can only for less developed countries?
  • What makes developed countries to fund them?

Actually funding is not only for poor countries but also for developed countries where they sue this run their various innovative and more emerging programs. These projects can be social, environmental, and for non-funding organizations. However, some projects are for scientific co-operation. Actually funding is not only for poor countries but also for developed countries where they sue this run their various innovative and more emerging programs. These projects can be social, environmental, and for non-funding organizations. However, some projects are for scientific co-operation.

Now, you can think, are developing countries not have enough budgets to support these activities rather rely on funds? Yes, they are well developed but need to run these programs with the collaboration of others. The reason is clear, these programs support the framework that can harm the countries if stopped, and economical downstream can occur in any country without any alarm. That’s why developed countries make the funs scenarios from private sectors whether national or international support these programs to make them safe from any economic downfall.


Is it the responsibility of developed countries to work more on these projects?
Yes, as they are more familiar with the need of these projects. Less developed countries have not enough budget to run their economic properly. That’s why they can’t take the active part in this type of global activities.

Why is scientific research essential?
Scientific research is the tool to innovation in every perspective. If this tool is broken for any reason then the world would see the innovation in any sector whether it is related to medicine, electronics, etc. these projects run with fundraising of private and government sector of developed countries. This research has enabled us to:

Life-saving: To make several medicines of diseases that was not before is the best motive of this type of research. The dangerous disease of Ebola and Zika virus has been reduced and many other emerging issues have been resolved due to the scientific approach. Many other diseases including Cancer, Tuberculosis, and others have overcome. Although they are dangerous, medicines have reduced their existence and danger. Are these medicines come by their own? No, it is research work that is handled by the research countries that make it possible.

Can this research work do by any one country? 
No, if only one country took the step to do this, the results wouldn’t be attained. The joint panels of scientists have made this thing to happen. These panels were run by many funds from many governments, private sectors of developed countries.

Ethanol is used as a biofuel. This type of research practices was undergone in developed countries. The fundraising for this type of research enabled the world to handle several worst situations in developed and less developed countries.

Another more emerging fact of these countries and their research is that, if any country made the thing that is innovative research-based, then other countries predict them focus on its positive impacts.

The use of biofuel has been practiced in various countries including U.S, Netherlands, Argentine, and others to make the world known about the new and emerging technological impacts of this approach.

As the world is approaching its economic targets, the several issues also arise that make them research more to overcome these issues. One of the major concern that world is facing today is climate change.  Unlike the developed countries, the people of less developed countries can’t fight or can’t afford to fight with these changes.

The climatic conditions of many countries such as Kenya have faced several issues regarding the climatic conditions in their homeland. Can Kenya be in a state to resolve this issue? Can it help others to make this thing reduce? The answer would in the negative.

It is not a developed country that can use its strength to make these things reduce. What would be its next step? It would seek help to developed countries to help it to reduce these worst conditions. What have you found from that? If developed countries didn’t take the step to raise the funds for addressing these issues, then would happen today? These questions have on the same point. The funds that developed countries jointly spend on these research-based things are not only beneficial for those, but also for the countries dependent on them.

Moreover, the UN also motivates this type of approaches and it makes these to happen by its departments that have made for the convenience of people for developed and less developed countries.

Climatic conditions:

What could be done more to protect the science?
Protecting of science is more important than to move ahead without turning your head backward. This means that to move ahead it is essential to take each step in accordance with beneficial impacts of all rather to one.Things like plastic are more dangerous not only for human, but also for animals, birds, and fishes. The scientific research has made the plastic, but it is mandatory for every person not dispose and use it improperly as it is not only harmful to land lives, but also for sea lives.  What perspectives made it worst:

  • It can cause cancer
  • If dispose on sea and land, then more funds are required to recover it from sea and land.

Although, this is not only the responsibility of developed countries but also less developed countries are equally responsible for these activities. This is the one example of many things that are causing the scenarios worst as the world moves ahead.

If you are aware of these concepts and thoughts, then it is more important than what’s your next step towards these issues. Yes, the responsibility doesn’t mean that only government of any state is responsible to make it possible. It is the responsibility of persons to adopt these things as it is related to human health, environment, and economics. If people of the country are safer and the environment in which they are working is convenient, then surely it would make the positive impacts on economic growth of the country. In short, developed countries are running one step ahead to maintain this, but all can contribute their part by implementing the new research in their states.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is the funding used?
Actually money is used not only for poor countries but also for developed countries.

What impact does science have on climate?
Protecting science is more important than moving forward without looking back This means that to move forward it is important to take each step according to the beneficial effect of each. Things like

What evolves with the development of the economy?
Economic development is both more productive and changes in technical, institutional systems Development is concerned not only with the material needs of man but also with improving the social conditi

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