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lost_emoticonAfter doing a detailed review, The Operation Research (OR) department found that there are many employees writing “Misc – Thinking, Innovation and Capacity Development (Usage Code – 420)” as the heading in their Daily Time Sheet (DTS).

The Manager – OR sent an email to all employee to elaborate it further. The email looks as follows.

TO: ALL Staff

Dear All,

Based on our recent DTS Analysis, we found that many of you have been spending substantial amount of time under the head “Misc – Thinking, Innovation and Capacity Development (Usage Code – 420)”. However, we would like to know the exact usage by putting the following sub-code to your valuable work.

The sub-code are as follows.
420-1: Thinking about innovation after lunch (with closing eyes)

420-2: Strengthening Communities of Practices (During extended smoking time and tea break)

420-3: Guiding junior on institutional best practice (Mostly late in the evening)

420-4: Volunteering in HR activity in strengthening interpersonal relationship/ improving office environment before the festival time.

420-5: Studying various sites (generally after lunch) to understand how the institution can grow further.

420-6: Talking to old colleague (primarily senior ones, working in same domain) to understand the industry best practices using office telephone

Manager – Operation Research

Note: Request you to suggest more such codes to help us in increasing institutional operational efficacy.

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