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7 Ways to Build Your Office Team

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The people we work with often end up becoming our new family. We all deserve a crew that is greater than the sum of their parts. So how do we build this community?

Here we will take a look at the best ways to create a strong work family.

1. Set the Bar 

Don’t settle! You deserve the best of the best. The on-boarding process is quite demanding, both time commitment and financial investment. The last thing you want is to go through this process only to find that the candidate is not ideal. Put in the effort required at the beginning of the process, it will really pay off in the long term.

2. Trust Your Gut

A Lot of what makes an employee great has to do with attitude and affect. Never downplay the emotional and social aspects of a prospective employee. Always ask yourself, is this a stable and reliable person? Will they contribute positively to the work environment? Don’t just look at cold hard resumes and accolades, try and get a real sense of what the candidate is made of.

3. Background check

Scanning all employees is an absolute must for any business trying to uphold safety within the workplace. Luckily, there are businesses such as scoutlogicscreening.com. Companies like this provide expert background checks and professional analysis of future employees. First impressions and a strong resume can be deceiving. Better to be safe than sorry, always make sure to do a thorough background check.

4. Start Local 

Before casting your net too far, take a look at local talent. There are many advantages to starting small. Firstly, a local will most likely have more in common with you than a remote worker. This can also do wonders for team building and company pride.

5. Team Building

Many companies often devote large portions of their budget to team building experiences such as retreats and corporate events. For large businesses, this is an excellent opportunity for workers to socialize with each other outside of the usual work context, which only leads to higher performance when back in the workplace.

This is, unfortunately, not always an option for smaller businesses due to budgeting and other restrictions. However, a modest holiday party or a company lunch can achieve the same goal. No matter what your circumstances are, take the time to show employees you care about their well-being and know how to have a little fun every once in a while.

6. Validation

When an employee performs exceptionally well, it must not go unnoticed. Although often viewed as cliche, awards like “employee of the month” can go a long way. Why would a worker continue to go above and beyond if their work goes unnoticed and unappreciated? All overachievers must be recognized and cherished in the office. This often leads to a bit of healthy, friendly competition within the workplace, which only contributes to further productivity.

7. HR

There will come a time when it may become necessary to cut ties with an employee. If things reach this point, it often means that terminating an employee will help the community’s greater good. It is important to have a mediating third party ready to go when dealing with these difficult moments.

Bottom Line

We all deserve a strong feeling of family in our work life. Building your team may be a long and demanding process, but it is well worth the effort. Nothing can beat the feeling of working with a crew you know will always have your back. After following these team-building tips, you should be well on your way to growing your new work family!