How to Answer New Normal Job Interviews?

For those of you who are going to apply for work, especially for fresh graduates who don’t have any experience for job interviews. In addition to preparation tips such as appearance, attitude, and how to answer questions. There are new additions that need to be added in your preparation.

1. How to stay motivated to work productively while working independently?

Tips for answering: To answer this question you must be able to provide some concrete examples that you think can be the best way to maintain work motivation. You can try to answer in the most common ways such as listening to classical or acoustic music which is believed to be able to calm thoughts and increase productivity. You can also answer by maintaining good communication with the work team or preparing reports every day or once a week as proof that you can still do the job given well.

2. What are you doing to deal with the stress associated with the coronavirus?

Tips for answering: This question is prepared because the company wants to know whether the prospective employee will use good logic and wisdom when handling stressful situations. In answering this question you must calm down first and don’t immediately answer randomly.

Because this question is important for companies in assessing your emotional level or EQ (emotional intelligence).

You can answer this question with the simplest things such as diverting stress and pressure by doing hobbies, sports that can calm your mind like yoga or jogging, asking for time off / break if it is needed so as not to damage the quality of the desired work result. In essence, just answer honestly but also provide strong reasons why you chose this method. State the benefits and impacts straightforwardly and clearly so you don’t get misunderstood.

3. Can you explain how to transfer your technical knowledge to support/be utilized by the company as a form of work system development in this new normal?

Tips answer: Because of the many new work flexibility that has begun to be implemented, the need for technological knowledge to support work is also very much needed. Like working from home, companies need to know how you can still work properly with minimal facilities at home but work results are still good and according to expectations. Anything that must be needed from equipment to other accessories. To answer this question, you have to prepare the answer really in advance. For example, applying for a position as a Content Writer, then you have to tell in detail how the workflow starts from the initial process to the final process with the technology you use. For example: writing with docs, downloading zoom for meeting needs, preparing a google calendar for each project deadline that can be seen by the whole team, creating a google sheet for daily reports, and so on. If necessary, you can also prepare other alternatives if an application or website does not work, such as using WhatsApp as a zoom substitute for video call meetings.

4. How do you spend your time during your home quarantine?

Tips for answering: Maybe this is a way for companies to ask you what you usually do in your spare time or when you are unemployed. You do have to answer this question honestly, but first, choose what activities you will mention. Choose activities that illustrate that you are doing productive activities during the lockdown, such as learning to cook, exercising at home, studying, or online courses.

5. What have you done in seeking additional income since you left your previous company?

Tips for answering: This question is clearly shown for those who already have experience and have been stopped working because of the pandemic. Companies usually ask this question to find out the mental qualities of prospective employees in dealing with really stressful situations.

For those who do have an alternative source of income due to being dismissed, they can honestly answer what is being done, whether it is a trade or a trade. For those who do not exist or because they are still fresh graduates, they can answer no but explain the reasons clearly and well.

Last but not least, don’t forget to dress neatly even though the interview is conducted virtually. Remember appearance can also be an important factor in assessing whether to be hired or not. Besides, don’t forget to keep your attitude, answer questions honestly, don’t be too nervous, and keep the tempo of your speech not too fast or too slow. And because it is a virtual alias via video call, don’t forget to make sure the internet connection is safe so it doesn’t buffer and the interview goes well.


Desika Pemita

Entering the new normal era, changes occurred in various things, including in screening and recruiting new employee candidates.