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How to Find the Right Employees

Trying to find the right employees might seem like an easy task to conduct, but far too many people underestimate how difficult the process actually is. From first looking through resumes to interviewing and then finally hiring, this is a time-consuming but important task to get right. When time is of the essence in a business, you cannot afford to waste your time hiring the wrong employees. Hiring the wrong person will only mean that you have to start the job hunt all over again. This means wasted hours, productivity, and money. However, how do you find employees, and how do you know they are the right person for the job?

There are 3 things that you should do to ensure that you are hiring the right employees.

1. Seek the help of a recruitment agency
Rather than wasting your time looking through documents and conducting background checks, you are much better off seeking the help of head hunters in Bangkok, for example. This is because the right person doesn’t necessarily mean the best on paper. They also need to have the right attitudes, be in line with your company values and culture, and also be willing to be a part of a bigger team. Aligning yourself with a recruitment agency that has expert knowledge in your particular industry, such as IT, Sales, or consulting, will ensure that the people they help you to hire have both the skills needed, but also the right work ethic.

2. Bring in other team members to interviews
Chances are you will not be working closely with your new hire. However, your other members of staff will, so why not make sure that they are involved in the hiring process as much as possible? Bring in at least one member of staff from the team to sit in the interview and ask questions that allow you to get to know the interviewee a bit more, such as “what do you like to do in your spare time?” and “if you could be any animal in the world, what would you be?” This allows your current team members to get a feel for what the person is like and whether they can see a positive working future with them.

3. Never rush a decision
The mistake that many employers make is rushing a decision because they feel pressured to hire someone. However, doing so will actually cause you more problems later down the line. Instead of just carrying out one interview, carry out several. Start by doing a phone interview that lasts between 10 and 15 minutes, and then bring them in for a face to face interview. This way, you are already starting to build up an idea of who this person is, but you aren’t hiring them after hardly any contact. Even once you have done a face to face interview, there is nothing to stop you from carrying out another one. After the interview stage, consider offering the potential employee a trial period. It gives both of you a good opportunity to see how they get on and whether they enjoy the job. All this time allows you to consider whether they are definitely the right fit, rather than rush into a decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you find the ideal employee?
To find good employees, focus on measurable skills rather than vague concepts of talent. Conduct a skills gap analysis, write skills-based job descriptions, advertise where job seekers are, structure

What kind of employees should you hire?
five qualities of a good employee to hire 1-Teamwork,2-Willingness to learn,3-Communication,4-Self-motivation,5-Culture fit.

What do bosses look for in employees?
There is one thing every employer has in common: they want their employees to have a strong work ethic and be professional. No matter what job or career you find yourself in after graduation, your emp

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