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Rephrase.info Review: Everything You Need to Know

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Technology is optimizing the various sections of different fields and writing is one of them.

Nowadays, writers prefer using the assistance of technology instead of conventional approaches. That’s because technology has streamlined complex and time-consuming tasks like rephrasing with the help of multiple AI-powered tools. And one of those tools is Rephrase.info.

As the name depicts, Rephrase.info is an AI-powered rephrasing tool to rephrase any text while retaining its original meaning. However, whether this web-based rephrasing tool is useful or not, we’ll find that out in this blog post.

A Brief Overview of Rephrase.info

Rephrase.info is a freemium web application that can rephrase lengthy text in a few seconds. And for that, it uses the assistance of Artificial Intelligence (AI). But how AI carries out the entire rephrasing procedure, we’ll get into the details of its working mechanism later.

Due to being a freemium web utility, you can only rephrase 500 words in one go with this tool. And if you want to process more than 500 words, you will have to purchase its premium membership. Again, you’ll get the details of this tool’s pricing plan later in this review guide.

How Does Rephrase.info Works?

As we’ve discussed in the previous section, this tool automates the time-consuming and lengthy procedures of text rephrasing. And for that, it uses the assistance of AI. But how does AI exactly work in this tool? Let’s find out.

By default, machines can’t understand human text and Rephrase.info is no exception to this fact. The tool utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand the entered text and then rephrases it without affecting its main intent.

To check how this online tool paraphrases text, we have rephrased the sample paragraph provided by the tool and the results are:

As you can see above, the tool has accurately rephrased the text by changing words and phrases in order to improve its quality.

Feature Highlights

Now that we’ve discussed the working mechanism of this tool, it’s time to talk about the things that set this online utility apart. So, here is a list of features you will find in Rephrase.info:

1. Capability to Produce Human-Level Outcomes

The ability to produce results like humans is a guarantee when using Rephrase.info. That’s because, as we’ve discussed earlier, it uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and GPT-3 machine learning model to rephrase the entered text. However, let’s prove this claim through an example.

Consider the following text sample:

Sample Text: The company is planning to launch a new product next month.

To prove the human-level rephrasing nature of this tool, we’ll rephrase the ‘Sample Text’ through the ‘Fluency’ and ‘Standard’ rephrasing modes. And here are the results we’ve got:

As the above pictures indicate, both modes have rephrased the sample sentence just like humans. So, that’s how it performs human-level rephrasing.

2. Quick Processing Time

Rephrase.info is powered by algorithms that rapidly generate results upon clicking the ‘Paraphrase Now’ button. However, the time required to generate the output depends on various factors. Some of those factors are:

  • Background tasks.
  • Length of input.
  • Internet connection speed.

Note: This tool has generated the above-specified results in under 5 seconds. For that, we’ve used an internet connection of 7 Mbps.

3. Five Different Rephrasing Modes

This advanced paraphrasing tool can produce multiple variations of the input text in a few seconds. This feature is possible through the availability of five different rephrasing modes:

  • Creative.
  • Fluency.
  • Formal.
  • Smart.
  • Standard.

Out of these five, the ‘Fluency’ and ‘Standard’ modes are accessible to any visitor because they are available for free. However, only premium members can access the rest of the methods (‘Creative,’ ‘Formal’ and ‘Smart’).

4. Simple and Intuitive User Interface

The designers of Rephrase.info have recognized that the majority of people prefer to accomplish a task in a simple manner. Therefore, you will find a sleek and straightforward interface in this tool. And every option in that UI looks organized and clean. In fact, the following picture represents an overview of this tool’s main UI:

5. Supports Multiple Languages

As you can see in the main interface, this tool is primarily available in English. But other than that, it is accessible in 21 different languages. In fact, the following picture represents a complete list of languages available on Rephrase.info:

easy it is to rephrase paragraphs and sentences with this online utility.

Pricing Plan

Although we’ve already specified the restrictions users will get in the free plan of Rephrase.info, we have yet to discuss the benefits of its premium membership. So, the following picture represents the complete detail of this tool’s pricing plan:

As the above image indicates, the word count limit of this tool will increase to 1500 words in the premium plan. But besides, users will also enjoy an ad-free experience and access to advanced rephrasing modes with a premium membership.

Pros of Rephrase.info

So far, we’ve discussed the features of this online rephrasing tool, now, it’s time to talk about the benefits users will get through the features of this tool. So, here is a complete list of advantages users will get through this tool:

  • Whether you have a technical background or not, you can use this tool without training, courtesy of its intuitive UI.
  • Premium members will get 24/7 support with this tool. As a result, they can clear their confusion regarding this tool at any time.
  • This rephrasing tool is ideal for people and organizations working with different backgrounds. That’s because it is available in 22 languages.
  • As you can see in the above results, this tool always produces grammatically correct results and the following picture is proof of this statement:
  • Besides an AI paraphrasing tool, users will get some additional handy tools on Rephrase.info. And here is the list of those tools: