The Impact of Company Culture in Your business

Every business wants to make sure that they’re profitable and productive. This is why many people own businesses after all. However, in order to get excellent results they often sacrifice one of the most vital things a business should have: their company culture. 

What is Company Culture?

Every company has company culture. However, not everyone will have an effective and worker friendly company culture. Company culture is what dictates how employees are treated and what benefits they get from working at your company. This also extends to how they treat each other whether they may have similar or different positions. However, it isn’t as simple if you’re the owner of a business. 

Understanding the Effect of Company Culture on Your Business

Knowing what company culture is is just a start. Knowing how it affects your business as a whole can help you make the right decisions when it comes to improving it. 

Productivity Is Affected

One of the most essential things that a business owner wants is good productivity since this is what determines your profits. However, going about it the wrong way can cause you a number of problems. Cutting benefits or pushing your workers  may seem like a good idea to improve your outputs, but the amount of strain it puts on your overall company culture isn’t worth it. We’ll get into why in our next point: worker morale

It’s Impact on Worker Morale

Your business can be compared to a machine with cogs, wheels and pistons with their own jobs to fulfill. However, if you push one part too hard, then you’re going to run into problems. In the case of business, these parts are your workers. Good company culture will make your workers more enthusiastic and be able to do more for your business. On the other hand, poor company culture will cause them to have higher absenteeism rates, and lower quality of work.

The Effect of Company Culture on Your Expenses

This might be what catches the eye of most readers. Yes, company culture has an effect on how you spend and how much is spent by your company. Companies with good company culture face few problems when it comes to expenses because of their lower turnover rate, lower stress related problems, and higher productivity. Companies that have a cut-throat company culture, on the other hand, will suffer from the opposite.  

Better Innovation

Innovation and creativity in business is a great way to improve existing products and create new ground breaking ones. With good company culture you’re providing workers an environment to innovate and think of new ways to improve your business. This innovation is even better if you hire tenured and skilled employees that can drive your business forward through example. However, if your company culture isn’t ideal then you’re restricting your employee’s ability to create and innovate for your company.

Final Thoughts

A company’s strongest asset when it comes to improving productivity and profitability is the company culture that they propagate. Good company culture pushes the boundaries of what you may think is possible with your business. This is why you should always find ways to constantly improve your company culture.


Roel Mahalin

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