The Ugly Truth About Jobs in USA: They Are Not Coming Back

2020 has seen major changes in jobs in the USA, and today, millions of people are out of work and are wondering if they will have a job to go back to. As current issues continue to plague the country, workers are faced with difficult times. Not only are there financial struggles, but many jobs in USA will simply not exist in the coming months. This leaves American workers with few options and a difficult quest to find gainful employment in a country that is suffering from a major economic crisis.

Reasons US Jobs Will Not Come Back

Many economists have been studying the job issue over the past few months, and they have a strong opinion that when any jobs do come back, the mix will surely not be the same. There are two main reasons for this. One is that many companies have financially struggled and have either closed their doors for good or have been forced to file bankruptcy.

The other reason is that customer habits have changed as has the way that many businesses conduct business. As one of the career experts from this website said: “The latest trend is working from home and remote buying.” Both of these things drastically minimize personal contact, and if they continue, they will surely cause upset within an already struggling job market. So many people have turned to make purchases online that a number of smaller businesses have been forced to close due to online shipping and an inability to compete.

The upside to this is that businesses that focus on online shopping and shipping and those that work for these companies have done quite well. However, it has come at a major cost, and across the US, smaller businesses have been closed down. These companies simply cannot offer the same shipping or even a similar cost for products.

Jobs That May Never Return

Even as the economy in certain states is starting to bounce back and things are opening up again, there are still major losses being suffered. Those that lost their jobs have found their positions no longer exist. Those that work in the restaurant business will feel these dramatic effects. Recent studies have shown that many restaurants will fail and end up closing. Almost 75% of independent establishments face the possibility of not reopening, which might lead to almost 7 million permanent job losses.

Retail, transportation, warehouse, and factory workers are also feeling extreme pressure. Due to an increase in online shopping and drop shipping businesses, these jobs are being replaced by computers and robots. Many people who held jobs in these industries will have a hard time getting back into the workforce. Businesses have found more cost-effective ways to replace humans with robots, eliminating thousands, even millions of job positions.

According to a recent study conducted by the University of Chicago, 4 in 10 jobs won’t return. This leaves workers in the position of starting new in industries they have never worked in. It also may result in workers taking massive pay cuts just to have some form of employment. Businesses that were once considered stable and viable are now threatened, and with many more closures coming, job opportunities will become even more scarce for Americans.

What to Expect

While the future is uncertain, employments rates will slowly creep up, but they will be nowhere near what they were at the beginning of 2020. Workers all over the country will find themselves taking lower-paying jobs if they can even find any. More and more people will be searching for remote positions, so they can continue to work from home, but this will also lead to some problems. With so many people out of work and seeking telecommuting positions, there has been a huge increase in the number of scams that are geared towards taking advantage of out or work individuals looking for an opportunity to work from home.

There are many industries that may never recover fully. The transportation and travel industry has been hit hard, and those working in these fields will not find job opportunities in the immediate future. It’s too early to know exactly what will happen, but it is a grim future. The American job market will continue to suffer, and people across the country will struggle with financial burdens brought about by these immense changes that have come about.


Neil Davies

Neil Davies is a career expert who helps job seekers from the US. He has a vast experience as an HR and a recruiter. Right now he is happily living in suburbs and helping people looking for jobs online.