COVID and Work: Experience of People Working in the Field

The COVID-19 pandemic has shock-up the entire business community; both formal and informal sectors have been significantly affected. Many people are now working online, and the one’s working in the field are in grave fear of getting the virus. The question that is burning many citizens is, when will the pandemic come to an end? In this article, we look at how the pandemic has affected people working in the field worldwide.

So, who are field workers? They are people who work outside of the office. They are assigned jobs at different physical locations. Many industries utilize people working in the field, including

  • Construction
  • Technology
  • Sales
  • Agriculture

Their activities vary according to the organization’s functionalities.

An agricultural worker who works in an open grassland is an excellent example of a field worker. In the technical area, you will find technicians hired to operate in a mobile manner, providing door-to-door services.

Let us look at some of the issues that field workers face since the pandemic immerged.

Less COVID-19 Precaution Adherence

Field workers are always traveling and interacting with people physically; it is in their jobs’ nature. They hence find it hard to adhere to all the COVID-19 precautions provided by the government.
You will find them in large groups, mainly because the task that they are initiating require combined effort. Crowding can lead to the transmission of the covid-19 virus from one of the workers to the rest.

Field workers sometimes travel into areas that lack water. They hence end up not washing their hands as instructed by the health organizations. As the COVID-19 virus can be transmitted if you touch your mouth or eyes with a hand that contains the virus, this issue increases the risk of infection on-field workers.


Due to the pandemic, many people have feared being in physical contact with other people who travel a lot. I mean, even most countries restricted entry into their country due to fear of a passenger having the COVID-19 virus.

As we have seen above, most of the jobs that field workers do require them to travel to a physical location. However, once they arrive, most people do not want to have any physical contact with them, fearing that they might have contracted the virus during their journey. Such an occurrence can affect the mental health of a person and lower their morale.

The sad thing is that field workers face such encounters almost every day.

Health Insurance

Most field workers are usually at the risk of contracting the covid-19 virus while working for an organization. However, the same organization ends up not offering them health insurance if they face any health difficulties.

Hence, if a field worker contracts the virus, it might cost them more money than they can afford to treat. They will also not be working, so no money will be coming in; they end up broke and unable to provide for their family.

If you are looking to apply for a field job, confirm if they provide health care insurance for their employees first. Sites such as Find My Profession Review can help you know all the details about any job instantly, including field jobs. You can use such a site to know if the organization offering the job provides health insurance.

Organizations should try and provide healthcare insurance to field workers. It would save them a great deal of trouble.

Fear of Getting Fired

The closure of country borders has led to the reduction of jobs in the fieldwork area, leaving field workers to now deal with local jobs which are limited. But even with the reduced jobs, employees are still the same number as per organizations.

Since the workflow is now limited, organizations are looking to cut off employees to reduce their expenditure. Hence, field workers are now in constant worry as most of them solely depend on their job to provide for their families.

Hopefully, the pandemic will end soon, and the boundaries will be open. Otherwise, we will be facing massive unemployment rates in the fieldwork sector.

Most organizations fire people according to how good their job performance is and how good their resumes are. To be on the safe side, make sure your resume is spectacular when you decide to apply for a job in the fieldwork sector.

You can use online resume service websites to get expert help in terms of resume writing. They ensure that your resume uses the best template and arrangement. Hence it stands out when compared to other resumes.

Children Being at Home

The pandemic has led to the closure of many schools and the switch to online learning. The problem is that most field workers spend a lot of time in the field and not at home. Some even spend weeks on fieldwork away from home. Hence the children are either left home alone, or they have to hire a babysitter.

Hiring a babysitter is an extra incurred cost that can be avoided if the pandemic ends and children go back to school.

Being away from your child for a long time can decrease the parent-child bond. But it is a factor that field workers have to bear with.

Becoming a field worker in this era comes with many challenges. You hence have to make sure you choose a fieldwork job that is not affected by most of the issues discussed above. To learn more about any job, you can always look it up on Find My Profession review website.


Field workers are faced with challenges each day, especially since the dawn of the pandemic. Hopefully, when the pandemic goes away, most of the issues discussed in this article will be solved, and the sector will regain its initial good grace.