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Sraban 08-Nov-2014

Few names in the recent past has really touched the head and heart of millions of people across the globe and has been the cover story of many local, regional, national and international media and social site apps.

They are the Present President of USA, Former business tycoon and owner of the Microsoft Company and the Cricket champion Sachin Tendulkar. All of them are the most successful people in their professional career in fact they are the role models of millions.

Despite the differences in their field of work, one thing that is common to all of them is their educational background. No one of them has come from any top class global ranking institute but still they have managed the globe go around them. The key behind their success is nothing but a strong and foundation in their early life and the mentorship they have received. Of course their individual labor and passion towards their dream are equally weighted. In short it was perfect blending of values with hard work, which is the reflection of a healthy and true education system. Once the great social reformer of India, Swami Vivekanda has once viewed “Education, education, education alone! Travelling through many cities of Europe and observing in them the comforts and education of even the poor people, that was brought to my mind the state of our own poor people and I used to shed tears what made the difference? Education was the answer I got”. But looking at the present scenario a common dialogue that among most of the parents you can hear is really, I am confused and worried about my children’s future.

Let me put you few common cases.

Case – 1

Mr. Ashis, the newly joined colleague in our office was looking very tense today during the lunch hour. Being social in nature I Obviously asked him the reasons and after listening to him just recalled the same situation that I had faced couple of years back. He said, as I am new to the locality I don’t know about the schools, that provide Good quality education and it is the early years of my child’s education, so I cannot compromise. “I am really worried”.

Case – 2

Bimala Aunty, our neighbor was very upset with her child’s scores; with very low voice she was explaining the cause of her disappointment to my Mother in the evening. Her child has scored just 2% marks sort of another neighbor’s kid, Ashima. Though she has succeeded in interschool badminton championship. To her, it happened only because the school where Ashima goes is a QUALITY School because they have very less time on game, so that the child could get more time on study. With this percentage of marks she will not get admission to medical (the decision has already been taken without the child’s consent)

Case – 3

Few days back, most of our friends were engaged in a heavy discussion during the morning walk criticizing and comparing the school system in the city. To them QUALITY degradation is quite a common scene in the schools.

And finally in the last weekend we all old schoolmates met together and enjoyed, shared the old school days memories also praised the QUALITY education and learning imparted to us by our teacher and school.

The situation placed above may differ from situation to situation but one thing that is common to all is the word QUALITY and worried nature of all concerns. Everyone is struggling with this phenomenon with their respective ways of interpretation but the word satisfaction is still far reaching. So what is this quality education??? For an ordinary citizen it is a matter of choice; matter of finding worth and a state of satisfaction. (Must be remembered In India every citizen pays 2% education cess where as in few countries it is a free service) but in most of the cases the concept is confined only to the level of achievement of our children in terms of percentage of marks secured and rank obtained. As a reason child is struggling with unprecedented pressure. As a result in the name of Quality education schools are turning out to be factory producing literate unemployed who instead of contributing to the society’s development have become the agent of corruption.

Given this fact the very basic questions that need to be answered immediately and logically is what is quality education and how and who will ensure it? So to say need of a quality education system or quality in education system is the need of the hour and also there comes there comes the role of a true, committed and resourceful teacher. Who can answer Mr. Ashis’s confusion, Bimla aunt’s over expectation and Friend’s criticism.

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