Top 4 Careers In Oil And Gas

Editor 02-Feb-2024

Two of the most lucrative and indeed, valuable, assets the natural world has (in terms of value and worth) are oil and gas.
If you are looking for ways and means of entering this industry on the bottom rung of the ladder, or you are already involved in oil and gas and are looking to get ahead, then you have most definitely clicked on the right article. 
Continue reading to discover the top four careers in the gas and oil industry. 

Mechanical Designer 

Firstly, one of the leading careers in oil and gas which utilizes a huge range of mathematical knowledge and theories is that of a mechanical designer. 
Mechanical designers are essentially the leading members of the team solely responsible for the development of all large equipment and intricate systems across the different fields, with many also taking on the role of measuring in the field to create the most space-efficient designs.
These designers also work incredibly closely with other engineering and mechanical specialists, specifically with system maintenance consultants, and in the US, usually receive around $82,643 as an average annual salary. 

Rig Manager 

As with all oil and gas engineering jobs, it is essential to have a strong working knowledge of not just the core foundations of the industry, but also to be actively seeking to receive regular updates in terms of new technologies and other changes. 
For the oil rig manager, not only do the above principles apply, but they are also where the ‘buck stops’ when it comes to any issues concerning internal procedures relating to the drilling itself, in addition to the following:
  • Managing HR duties
  • Maintaining all sensitive data and information
  • Initially setting and dismantling each oil rig
  • Ensuring legal compliance and health and safety throughout the site 
On average, rig managers will earn an average salary of $51,762 a year. 

Electrical Maintenance Engineer

On a national average of $88,310 per year, electrical maintenance on oil and gas rigs is a vast and highly complex (and also sometimes academia-led) field, involving everything from the installment of the core electrical systems, to supporting the unhindered operation of the running of each and every piece of equipment throughout the allotted time period. 
Additionally, electrical maintenance engineers will also take care of negotiating individual contracts, as well as estimating costs and reporting their findings to the relevant managers. 

Oil Tanker Driver 

Finally, in a slightly different ‘direction,’ perhaps you would be looking at a job role with much more of a practical element and indeed, one that you can be fairly sure you are not going to be away from home for long periods of time. If so, the role of oil tanker driver may well be for you. 
It would be pertinent to point out, however, that as well as the expected safe and timely delivery of fuel between oil depots and/or gas stations, tanker drivers usually take care of their own invoices, as well as conduct regular and stringent health and safety checks on their vehicles and equipment. 

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