Child Labor in Developing Countries

Child labor exists these days not only in developing countries but also in developed countries. It is a serious issue that has been practicing in our society from early days onwards and it is also a serious topic under debate in many of the countries. Human right departments are active in the modern day in order to ensure that people regardless of their age and gender are receiving their basic rights but child labor still exist in our society. It is really sad and pathetic to see children working for money when their similar age kids are going to school in order to receive better education and secure better future.

Child labor is a worldwide problem as it smashes up, spoils and demolishes the future of children. The matter of child labor is an alarming social problem because children are future citizens of our nation or community. They need to get better boost and encouragement from the nation, society, government and family so that they can contribute better to the society. Since the children are the future of a nation, they should be handled well and given education required to enhance their future. There are millions of poor children in our society who are forced to work during their childhood due to many issues surrounding them including money troubles.

Reasons for Child Labor

An estimated 11% of children worldwide are involved in child labor. There are many reasons that lead to child labor and here is a look at some of the most common reasons of child labor:

Financial struggle

Child labor is prevalent in developing countries when it is compared to developed countries. The main reason is that the economic conditions are very poor in developing countries whereas majority of the families in developed countries enjoys better economic conditions. Financial struggle is one of the main issues that lead kids to go for work instead of going to school. Families with poor economic condition used to force their kids to work in order that they can meet their economic needs. It will guide kids to lose their enjoyable childhood and deny must required education.


Another main reason of child labor is poverty. In a developed country, every citizen have right education, access to health care, facilities to complete his education and opportunity to acquire a full employment with high salary because they live above poverty level. The numbers of people who are in poverty in developing countries are increasing even in the modern day. Poverty is certainly a leading aspect in child labor. It is spot on that a family on or under the poverty line compels their kids to work to solve their household’s inadequate income.

Poor Circumstances

Poor circumstances are another main reason that leads kids to work rather than going to school for gaining much required education. Families on or below poverty level is not able to send their kids to school or college. So, people are forced to live under poverty line due to their poor circumstances. In developed countries, people have better circumstances and they don’t need to fight for everyday living. But the conditions absolutely different in developing countries everything is impoverished from economy to living conditions.

Low Income

Low income that parents receive can lead to child labor. In the present day, people are necessary to get more income in order to feed their family. However, many of the parents in developing countries work for meager salary and they are not able to meet even some of the basic requirements of their family including food, cloth, medicine and education of kids. As a result, parents will ask their children to go for work and earn money for family. They will not give importance to their kids’ education just because they cannot afford the costs required to pay for better education.

Other Reasons

Children work in farms, factories, plantations, and industries such as mining, ceramics and fireworks manufacture because of parental illiteracy, unemployment of elders, low parental income, hungry, low aspiration, high cost of education, and many more.

Effects of Child Labor

Child labor can have a lot of effect on children around the world. It destroys their future and denies their overall development. Child labor steers kids to live under poverty and poor economic conditions. Loss of quality childhood, health issues, lack of quality life, mental trauma, illiteracy, etc are some of the effects of child labor.

Solutions to Child Labor

People don’t always know the seriousness of child labor until it happens to them. Many people consider it as a good way to children work. Solutions should be designed for child labor and some of them include:

  • Eradicating poverty is the best and first step on the road to get rid of child labor.
  • The Child labor laws have to be firmly imposed by the Government.
  • The Child labor laws have to be followed very strictly.
  • Find ways to increase the income of a deprived family.
  • Create awareness in general public and make people to be aware of the severe outcomes of Child labor.
  • Increase employment opportunity for adults in developing countries.
  • Ensure that every child gets the chance to attend school.
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