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Top 4 Careers in Oil and Gas

Editor 02-Feb-2024

Two of the most lucrative and indeed, valuable, assets the natural world has (in terms of value and worth) are oil and gas.

3 Benefits of Using Resume Templates

Editor 31-May-2021

Did you know that recruiters spend an average of six seconds scanning over your resume before deciding whether you’ll proceed in the hiring process? That doesn’t leave you a lot of time to make a strong, lasting first impression, but it can be done – you just need to know what tools to use to create the best and most diversified resume possible.

COVID and Work: Experience of People Working in the Field

Editor 16-Jun-2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has shock-up the entire business community; both formal and informal sectors have been significantly affected. Many people are now working online, and the one’s working in the field are in grave fear of getting the virus. The question that is burning many citizens is, when will the pandemic come to an end? In this article, we look at how the pandemic has affected people working in the field worldwide.

Successful Job Search Strategies

Editor 21-Jun-2021

In today’s competitive world job searching is not merely about applying and waiting for a call. If you think so, then you are at fault. In this network-driven job market, you can achieve your desired job package only if you utilize a variety of strategies, from establishing a social presence to targeting companies. Enabling you to climb the career ladder effectively.

Career Opportunities in International Development

Payal Bhatia 12-Apr-2018

The rapid evolution of the global development sector means finding career opportunities has become more competitive than ever. Technological advancements and innovations have changed the employment landscape.

Thinking of a Career in Emergency Management?

Nicole Pelette 18-Oct-2018

It is likely that most students who are still in high school have not heard about emergency management even from their career guidance counselor.

Career in Cloud Computing Industry

Ambika Tarini 08-Dec-2018

Companies of all sizes are increasingly adopting cloud technology. A survey conducted by IDG, involving 550 technology decision makers revealed that 73% of companies have already adopted cloud technology and 17% plan to do so in the next one year. With cloud computing expanding rapidly, there has been a spike in demand for cloud computing experts. The 2018 IDG Cloud Computing study further revealed that cloud migration has led to creation of new roles and functions within the IT department. So, for IT professionals with the right skill set or recent graduates, cloud computing industry is the place to be!

How Countries Can Rise in Prosperity: Two Global Examples

Monica Garfield 30-May-2019

In a lot of ways, it can appear challenging to ascertain why some countries prosper and why others seem to remain stagnant or even fall behind. While you can ponder the reasons behind these rises and falls, there is an Institute that specializes in bringing all the data together and analyzing it in a meaningful way.

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