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Job search is challenging for everyone. A current job market is overflowing with highly qualified candidates and it is tough even for them to land a job. Speaking of people with disabilities, it is much more difficult to find a well-paid sustainable job. Nevertheless, there are different ways to increase chances to get hired. Besides, there is so much that people can learn from working with disabled people because very often they possess a wide range of unique skills. So here are some tips for people with disabilities that will help to get inspired, boost confidence and eventually to get employed.

Don’t think that perspectives for people with special needs are limited. They are still professional and able to perform effectively their duties. Thus, opportunities and jobs for people with disabilities are immense. This guidance is called to facilitate employment process; and the step-by-step instruction will show you how to get the desired job.

Find the right employer
Your main goal is to do some research and find open-minded employers that are tolerant to people with special needs and ready to work with disabled adults. In this way, you will be more likely to be hired. You can find a symbol “positive about disabled” that appears in a job-ad. Try to eliminate all job openings with some physical demands. Companies that encourage people with disabilities to apply will be perfect. More and more organizations turn disability into a competitive advantage. It can positively affect company’s image and increase their talent pool. MarkSlack, a Recruiter at GoodHired said: “We always encourage people with disabilities to apply for our jobs. Most of them show outstanding results”. Besides, if you want, there is always an option of working from home. It can be the most convenient choice.

Focus on your strengths
Identify your best personal qualities, skills, and background that will convince a hiring manager that you are the best fit for the position. Try to sell yourself to a recruiter. Highlight all your strengths and special knowledge on your professional resume that might be interesting to an employer in a specific work field. While creating a resume, you can omit your impairment, if it doesn’t affect your working process.

Find implementation to these strengths
Once you have identified and listed all your best traits, you have to figure out how these strengths will help you to achieve your career goals. Think about how you will use it in order to effectively perform your duties. A recruiter will definitely ask about this during the interview.

Social media
While job searching, don’t neglect the importance of social media. If you still don’t have a LinkedIn profile then get it immediately. Mention all your best traits, skills and experience. Many recruiters are looking for potential employees through SM instead of advertising a job-opening.

Be confident
It is of paramount importance to find inspiration and confidence. Stay positive about yourself, your skills, relevant experience and you will succeed. Focus on what you can do rather than on what you cannot.

Preparation is a key to success
Think of great examples that will prove you are a good match for a vacancy. Provide some interesting examples that will show your contribution to work. Describe what tasks you have performed and how you cope with challenging issues in a successful way. But first, get familiar with required skills and experience for a specific position and mention only your job-related capacities

Role play a forthcoming interview
You have to anticipate eventual interview questions and think over your answers in advance. Prepare to handle general questions about work for people with disabilities as well. The most common might be:

  • Will you require accommodation?
  • How will you perform your main duties?
In order to boost your confidence, you can practice answering questions at home. Involve your friends and family members. You can even role play together your interview.

What the world can learn from disabled people
Here are some life wisdom and lessons to be learned from people with special needs. It will be useful for everyone not just in a professional sphere of life. Their experience has changed them. People with disabilities are strong and determined. They know how to be happy regardless their special needs. They are patient and they try to stay positive all the time. They will never let their stress level get high because they know, whatever happens, it could be worse. They never judge a person by a look. You never know what disabled or other people are capable of. They enjoy each day of their life and each little moment. Respectively they will enjoy and bring value to their work.

So, as you can see, finding a job even for people with special needs is not so daunting. If you believe in yourself, you will definitely succeed on your career path. Find and follow your passion. A strong focus on your strengths will convince a recruiter to hire you!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is working with disability is a concern ?
Yes , Social stigmas surrounding your disability can be discouraging. Employers and coworkers might underestimate your abilities, misunderstand you, or discriminate against you .

What are the basic things to look working with disability ?
The top 5 things you should know when working with people with a disability Use the labels we use for ourselves. When it comes to work standards, expect the same from us that you would of others. ...

How to work with disability people ?
First thing to do Find the right employer and Focus on your strengths are most important .

What is the role of social media in working with disability ?
Social media gives them a platform to communicate in text, meaning that they can communicate with anyone, without them necessarily needing to know BSL .

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