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Career in Working with Disabled People: An Experience Sharing

Stephanie Proper 10-Aug-2017

Despite the daily psychological pressure this job brings, working with disabled people is one of the best career experiences I’ve ever had. Since I started this job, I feel like I became a better person.

Website And Its Importance For Resource Mobilization

Abdul Aziz 31-Jul-2017

Resource mobilization is a buzzword these daysdue to its strong connection with organizations’ sustainability. What these two words actually mean is any activity that attracts more resources towards a business or company.

Career in WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene)

Wendy Houghton 26-Jul-2017

WASH covers different areas such as improved quality of life, health, gender equality, international development and life expectancy. The experts in the said field are required to attain a degree in health and sanitation or other programs related to the said field. The main focus of the individuals associated with WASH is to improve quality of life usually in less developed countries or underdeveloped countries. There are different occupations related to WASH which can be proved useful if followed with strict implementation. Some of the most common professions of WASH are discussed in this guest post.

P factor for performance

Sraban 22-Jul-2017

“Perform or Perish”, is the new maxim of 21st century workforce replacing the old one of ‘Survival of the fittest’. It is because of the continuous explosion of knowledge and growing population leading towards a tough competition. Further reasons like technology replacing human being, unstable and unexpected economic crisis, changes in the political and cultural practices are the few other unseen factors contributes to the panorama.

I Need The Best Custom Essay Site For My School Projects

Vineet Maheshwari 21-Jul-2017

Are you stressed to entire all of those hard academic papers on time? Are you missing with almost no free time for yourself and your loved ones? Don’t worry; you are definitely not the only one in this tight spot. Each semester, thousands of students struggle to finish their writing assignments on time. Few of them actually manage to everything before the closing date and also do a good job on each and every essay.

Careers in Human Rights

Jessica Barden 20-Jul-2017

There are people who have devoted their lives to building acareer in human rights. They work for the benefit of people and serve the humanity. You might link human rights with marches, protests, and outrageous headlines.But this highly crucial work area is more likely to be concerned along with the professors speaking at the conferences, soldiers carrying out peacekeeping activities, and lawyers arguing.

Switching Career From One Sector To Other

Lauren Ebsary 17-Jul-2017

It is the most difficult phase of one’s life to when some discussions had to be taken, these decisions are quite crucial and sometimes much complicated as well, as they can impact the whole life of an individual or a family which is dependent on that person.The biggest decisions job-seekers face, and with many possible consequences and outcomes. Before jumping into the pond of new career field, do consider the usual career change mistakes, so that those mistakes could be overcome and will not affect the process you are trying to go through.

Leveraging Social Media for Development

Erica Silva 13-Jul-2017

When it comes to non-profit organizations, there are a lot of challenges with public relations. These organizations do meaningful work, but no one seems to notice. The main reason behind this is that large public relation campaigns are expensive. They require investment in money and time, luxuries only some can afford.Relationship building is the core of any development campaign. There has to be an easy way of outreach in this sector. That’s when social media comes in. Many non-profits use letters, emails and telephone fundraisers while overlooking the opportunity in social media.

Career in knowledge management in Development sector

Ashley Kornee 03-Jul-2017

“Knowledge is power.” This statement was made by Francis Bacon in 1668. Not much has changed since then. Every organization depends upon accurate and thorough knowledge in order to make the right decisions.

Career in United Nation

Charles Ebert 28-Jun-2017

Working at United Nations is one of the best ways to start your career with a federal job. UN is the organization that promotes international cooperation and works on maintaining international order. This is one of the organizations that are ready to hire even former students who have no experience but have a strong desire to accomplish a job of the federal services. Thus, the number of applicants for job openings is regularly high here, and to join UN team you need to pass several interviews.