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Simple steps to higher education for mid-career Development Professionals

Ruchita Khurana 27-Apr-2015

Do you at times think that its time (mid-career professional) one either upgrades his/her learning and knowledge on the specific subject / theme, as one feels hitting a saturation point or believes that in-order to make a giant leap, a transition, subtle though, is a must to venture and learn more about a different yet related subject area. . If yes, this is an appropriate timing to select and apply for further studies.

Successful Telephonic Interview: Preparation is the Key!

Richa Sharma 27-Apr-2015

My friend had just received a call from a potential employer and he was relieved that he does not have to get dressed in formals and meet the employer; rather there is an ‘easy’ telephonic round! But I gave him my word of caution that even though the effort of looking impeccably dressed up and travelling might be saved, there is lot of care that one must take for this round and prepare well.

What makes MBA and Research a match made in heaven?

Tripti Rai 02-Apr-2015

With the world changing because of constantly transforming policies and regulations, it has become difficult for the companies to keep up. Because of the changing reforms in almost every part of the world, what the global corporate sector is missing is a roadmap and planning backed by researched data. These sudden but growing changes have found an increase in demand for the well-versed expert consultants.

5 Steps to Finding a Job and Building a Career in Development Sector

Anais John 13-Feb-2015

Feeling a little altruistic lately? “A little” won’t be good enough if you are actually looking forward to developing a career in the relief and development sector. If you are really into the building a career there, you have be sure that you are REALLY into it.

Career in Water and Sanitation

Tania Kahlon 01-Feb-2015

In 2010, United Nations General Assembly recognized the Human Right to Water and Sanitation which is acknowledging the need of safe drinking water and sanitation essential to the realization of the Millennium Development Goals. This has been followed by several UN agencies, especially UNICEF taking up the cause and implementing initiatives to achieve this goal.

Career in Rural Development

Kesang Chungyalpa 08-Nov-2014

Anyone working or studying in the field of international development is most likely familiar with ‘rural development’.

Development Communications in the Non-Profit Sector

Kesang Chungyalpa 08-Nov-2014

While having communications related positions in the non-profit sector is not something unheard of in the past, the rising value of development communications roles in the sector is a relatively new development.

Volunteering with NGOs – gain while you give!

Richa Sharma 08-Nov-2014

You want to make friends while you learn? You want to have fun while you help others in the community? You want to get hands-on experience and see what it would be like to work in your dream organization? TRY volunteering! This may sound like an advertisement to you but volunteering can help one achieve the goals mentioned above and plenty more.

Career in Human Rights: A rewarding but challenging path

Richa Sharma 08-Nov-2014

Malala Yousafzai, a teenage girl from Pakistan, became a figure of strength and courage when she stood up for her rights despite bullets, intimidation or death threats. What was she demanding? How does Malala get entitled to demand for education for girls?

New Media in Development Sector: An Interesting Career Option

Isha Sharma 08-Nov-2014

For Mohamed Bouazizi, a 26 year old Tunisian street vendor, the 17 December 2010 started like any other day. Bouazizi, who was unemployed like many others in the country, was selling fruits and vegetables on a cart in the Tunisian town of Sidi Bouzid. Suddenly, the government authorities confiscated his wares and allegedly slapped him on the face.