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Careers in Development Economics: making life better for future generations

Disha Bhattacharjee 08-Nov-2014

Economic Development is a process of sustained, concerted actions to improve the standard of living and economic health of a region. This may involve development of human capital, provision of infrastructure, enhancing market competitiveness, ensuring environmental sustainability, promoting social inclusion and other aspects that improve the quality of life.

Social Advocacy: A Career Overview

Charu Chaturvedi 08-Nov-2014

Malala did it for girls’ education, Martin Luther King lost his life fighting apartheid, Mahatma Gandhi became an international symbol spearheading the non-violent movement.

Career in Environmental Activism: Need of the Hour

Tania Kahlon 08-Nov-2014

Environmental activism has developed over the decades as a movement that advocating the conservation of and the improvement of the environment. Its origins may be traced back to the time of the Industrial Revolution in England, wherein increased coal mining gave rise to extremely high levels of pollution. This spurred a ‘back to nature’ movement as a result.

Know all about United Nations Volunteers (UNV)

Editorial 08-Nov-2014

Volunteerism is a powerful means of engaging people in tackling development challenges, and it can transform the pace and nature of development.

Career in Knowledge Management

Editorial 08-Nov-2014

Knowledge Management (KM) is a relatively new and emerging profession in development sectors. It has establishment new entity like knowledge society

Panoramic Glimpse of Development Sector

Swati Chibber 08-Nov-2014

There are often times in life, when one starts to think about the future in a more proactive way than normal; this is something that a large chunk of youth is doing at the moment. “I want to make a difference”-Even though it sounds clichéd, this is what they all want to do–contribute to make a difference. The next question would automatically be, “How”? To that end their aim is towards creating better future, by improving quality of life for people.

Careers in Climate Change

Akhil Choudhary 06-Nov-2014

On-going international cooperation, regional governance to private sector commitments is continuously channeling money into saving our environment. With an understood nexus among climate, water, energy and so on,

A Definitive Guide on How to Boost your Data Science Career

Vivek Kumar 18-Jul-2013

The name ‘data science’ itself can be overwhelming for many but can prove to be a perfect career path for those who’ve got a flair for numbers and a way with computers. While it helps to have a working knowledge on the domains of statistics, programming, distributed computing, databases, machine learning, experimental design, deep learning, and natural language process – it is also important to have the ability of complex problem-solving.