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6 Reasons Why Employees Lose Motivation

In order for a team of people to function at their best and succeed as a unit, they need to be motivated, engaged and committed to the organization and its vision. If employees are not made to feel valued and useful to the success of the business, they will start to feel underappreciated which quickly leads to demotivation and resentment. If you are concerned that some of your employees are showing signs of demotivation but are not sure why here are 6 potential reasons employees may become disconnected or feel negatively towards their employer which you may want to consider.

1. Inflexible Working Arrangements
The young people entering the workforce today are much more concerned with maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Employers who do not prioritize the well-being of their staff with a flexible approach are likely to see fatigue, stress, and absenteeism in their workforce. Giving employees extra holidays, flexible hours or remote working options is a very effective way to improve motivation.

2. Lack of Direction or Unclear Objectives
While many employers believe money is the main driver behind employee performance, in reality, it is rarely what motivates people to do their best. If you are not providing your employees with clear aims and objectives with specific goals to achieve, you are not guiding them or the business towards success.

3. Feeling Unappreciated and/or Ignored
Engagement is a difficult concept to define and it can be measured in several different ways, but the best place to begin is with open and regular communication. This should give both management and employees the opportunity to be heard and their opinions valued. Visit for information about employee engagement software and surveys which can help you gain insight into your employee engagement levels.

4. No Opportunity for Development
If your employees are not given the opportunity to advance their skills or widen their knowledge, they may become frustrated and uninspired. When we are not challenged and become bored, we are likely to approach our work with negativity. By arranging regular training and development opportunities and asking your employees what skills they would like support in, you can show them you are investing in them as individuals.

5. Lack of Leadership
Without an effective and inspiring leader, people will struggle to maintain clear direction and this confusion can lead to a demoralized team. Being an effective leader requires a wide skillset such as excellent communication skills, empathy, resilience, high levels of organization and confidence. If your business is lacking in inspiring leaders, it may be time to invest in training or recruitment.

6. Conflict or Hostility in the Work Environment
While a certain degree of debate and disagreement is inevitable in an organization, when it becomes hostile it can be a huge issue for the workplace. Intimidation, bullying, discrimination and aggressive conflict have no place in the business world. Employees may be reluctant to voice their concerns in this area, but an anonymous employee survey could help to unearth these issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

lose motivation an impact in work ?
yes of course The problem with lack of motivation is that it increases turnover and many times it also effect employees health

lose motivation how to overcome in this situation ?
The advice would you give to someone lacking in motivation is Break tasks in to manageable chunks &Write down each positive thing you experience throughout the day etc.

why employee lose motivation?
Employee may lack motivation because they feel, in a sense, overqualified.

Lack of opportunity for development is a concern for lose of motivation ?
Yes of cource Employees are not given the opportunity to advance their skills or widen their knowledge.

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