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How to do effective online campaigns using Facebook?

Doing a social media campaign means you must resort to using many different tools and techniques. Social media is not just a fluke anymore and is a significant part of any holistic and complete media strategy. Yes, your media strategy can no more be deemed effective and complete, if you do not have the right ideas and strategic viewpoint to manage your brands on the platform of social media and more importantly, Facebook.

Over the years, Facebook has evolved so much in terms of branding, campaigns and advertisement that the platform in itself is a mechanism for marketing now. No one thought that Facebook will grow with so much evolution and innovation because the advertisements were always the secondary aspect of this platform, the first being the connectivity with friends and family. However, very subtly the passionate employees of Facebook have devised strategies which now make advertisement an important element and something which brands or companies cannot really forego. However, not everything that goes on Facebook will work and create engagement or boost sales. This is why today’s guest post blog is going to talk about things you should do in order to create effective online campaigns using Facebook.

It is not all about sales
Most brands and advertisers try to trap consumers by focusing on promotional or functional content on Facebook. This might work on different occasions, but over the course of normal days, this content will be badly punished and decrease the value of your brand equity. Your content should focus on a lot of other things which are important to your users. Celebrate different occasions with them, share your and their sentiments, invite them to participate in conversations and engage with them. For all this, you first have to have the perfect knowledge of the kind of behavior your online users have.

No call to action or too many calls to action
If all your posts are begging to take action, you will very soon become an online beggar. Someone who is constantly demanding something from rich users and trying to get their attention. Subtle is the word which is simultaneous to success, when it comes to creating effective online campaigns on Facebook. You must do everything in such a way that it seems you are not really forcing any action out of your users and they are the ones doing everything else.

Two way communication
Imagine your Facebook page as a big community where there are lots of people living in. This means these people will obviously have a voice which needs direction and attention. You must rely on a two way communication street, if your campaigns have to be effective and strong enough. Engaging with the users and developing a two-way communication platform is called Community Management on Facebook.

Rewards without compulsion
Have you seen how the games on Facebook engage users? If you want more lives, you have to invite more friends, etc. Such rewards without real compulsion is the way to go in order to create effective engagement during your Facebook campaigns.

Getting the right optimum reach
Very recently, Facebook has put up a barrier sort of element when it comes to organic reach. This means in order to achieve your optimum reach, you have to create a paid campaign, which can capture more percentage of your target audience. If you have a certain optimum reach level in mind, you must start bidding at a higher rate with more open targets of interest.

Differentiating between Group and Page
A Facebook group is more closed and confined where posting content which is paid is not allowed. A page is like we said a community of many people living in. You must know whether you want to go really public with your page or keep a confined reach with your Facebook Group.

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Stuart North

Stuart North is the author of this blog post. Stuart works as a social media executive for a multinational agency in North London. He is too fond of posting blogs on DissertationHouse.co.uk and his blogs are widely appreciated.

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