What Industries Should Consider Data Security The Most?

Data security must be a priority for every company. After all, a ransomware virus could shut down a company in a day, and for the people who work there and own that business, this could feel like the end of the world. But what if your medical file was stolen? Or your government Social Security Number (SSN)? The government has failed, and now you have to deal with a stolen identity.

On the other hand, what if the transportation infrastructure was hacked? Entire cities could be under lockdown. There are so many threats to national security and to the health and safety of people all around the world when talented hackers are involved. That is why the industries that must invest in the highest tier or data security include:


Healthcare is one sector that has a lot of very personal data on citizens. From your health to your financials, to even your mental state. This information is critical for doctors to treat you appropriately, but as you can tell from these data breaches, it is also a risk. The healthcare industry must invest again and again to protect this data, or else risk the lives and livelihoods of their patients.

Financial Sector

The financial sector is one big target. There is money involved, there are bank records involved, and potentially insider secrets. Hacking into the financial sector is one of the most lucrative moves a thief can make, which is why this sector must always invest in the best security possible.


The government is not infallible and in fact, has issues with keeping up with the times. Though some departments might enjoy the cutting edge of security, underfunded ones don’t, and this is where the risk lies. Governments have been hacked, and will continue to be hacked in the future unless drastic changes are made to the way departments are budgeted. The issues faced by governments are also faced by NGOs and other charities.


Transportation is one giant supply chain, and as soon as it is disrupted companies and individuals are at risk. From being behind on schedule to the entire route being changed, hackers can do a lot of damage if you do not comply with their demands.


Manufacturing is another big industry that is lucrative to hack. After all, if your company’s business processes are halted you not only lose money you waste money. Therefore, ransomware is particularly effective in extracting money from you.

Though these industries are at the most risk for hacks, make no mistake – hacks occur to all kinds of businesses. You need to increase up your security and stay up to date with all the latest security trends as pointed out by McAfee so you can prevent breaches from occurring in the first place.

Your data’s security is always at risk. Never underestimate the danger of hackers or their will to attack businesses and governments. Sometimes they do this with good intentions, other times all they want is to ransom your company. In both situations their actions will hurt your business, so protect yourself as much as possible.

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